Johnny Adams, Corner Back, Michigan State
5’11”, 177 lb.

-Posses acceptable height for a corner, but nothing special in the his frame or speed.
-Uses the sidelines well as an extra defender
-He fits well in both zone and man coverage, and if he is in zone and reads curl the QB better not be staring him down because he can flip his hips and jump it.
-Physical defender that Michigan State was not afraid to blitz or leave on an island. The latter is important because it showed that the Spartans had faith in him in coverage, but he had enough blitz ability to warrant some opportunities to rush the QB.
-Smart player that knows when he needs to trade of targets in the zone.
-Very reactive in a positive way. When a WR shows a curl or slant he gets in position and gets his eyes to the QB. This led to an INT vs someone he wasn’t even covering vs Central Michigan.
-Due to his size, aggressive nature, and desire to use the sideline effectively Adams occasionally gets beaten inside on slants and other quicker inside routes.
-I came away from my study very impressed with Adams. I expected a mid-round talent based on his lack of buzz and lack of top end conference competition, but I admire his technique, versatility, and physicality. I wouldn’t go as far as to say he is a solid top 50 prospect, but if someone gets him in the top 75 they would (at the very least) get a CB that can play on the outside if they have someone they prefer to play the slot in nickel.