The 2012 NFL season is winding down and now is as good as time as any to go back and evaluate each team’s draft class.  This year we’ll be giving grades based not only on performance from each player, but also their potential to improve in the next few seasons.  First team up is the Indianapolis Colts.  Below will be the grading scale and the grading curve.

Round 1 – Each player is evaluated on a 0-5 Scale.
Round 2 – Each player is evaluated on a 0-4 Scale
Round 3 – Each players is evaluated on a 0-3 Scale
Round 4- Each player is evaluated on a  0-2 Scale
Round 5 – Each player is evaluated on a 0-1 scale
Rounds 6,7, undrafted – Each player given a point based on production, no penalty for missing on pick.
Bonus points are given to any player who exceeds their draft position.
Fractional points are also given.

98-100 – A+
94-97.99 – A
90-93.99 – A-
88-89.99 – B+
84-87.99 – B
80-83.99 – B-
78 – 79.99 – C+
74-77.99 – C
70-73.99 – C-
68-69.99 – D+
64-67.99 – D
60-63.99 – D-
59.99 – 0 – F

INDIANAPOLIS COLTS                                                                                                                     

Round 1: Andrew Luck QB, Stanford
Andrew Luck came in and lived up to the ridiculously high expectations that were set for him.  He lead a 2-14 team to the playoffs and set a new rookie passing record with 4,374 yds.  He is well on his way to becoming one of the few elite quarterbacks in the league.
Production Grade: 6/5
Potential Grade: 5/5

Round 2.: Coby Fleener TE, Stanford
Fleener was a bit of a dispappointment in his rookie season.  He lost playing time to fellow rookie TE Dwayne Allen and his college rapport with Luck didn’t carry over as much as most thought it would.  He did battle some injuries throughout the year which lowered his production.  His future is still very bright despite of his disappointing numbers.
Proudction Grade: 2/4
Potential Grade: 3/4

Round 3: Dwayne Allen TE, Clemson
A lot of folks were surprised when the Colts took another tight end in round 3, but Allen proved to be a wise choice.  He lead all rookie tight ends with 45 receptions and 521 receiving yards.  He also proved to be a huge asset as a blocker in the running game.  Allen looks to be a longtime fixture at tight end for the Colts.
Production Grade: 3/3
Potential Grade: 3/3

Round 3: TY Hilton WR, FIU
Hilton was thought of as a dynamic playmaker prior to the draft and boy did he live up to that billing.  Hilton was simply one of the best rookie wide receivers in 2012.  He caught 50 balls for 861 yds and 7 of those went for scores. He also proved to be a threat at punt returner as he lead all rookies with 300 punt return yards and even took one to the house.  Hilton should continue to improve and be a favorite target for Andrew Luck for many years to come.
Production Grade: 4/3
Potential Grade: 3/3

Round 5: Josh Chapman NT, Alabama
Chapman was injured and didn’t appear in any games, but the Colts will hope he can come back healthy and fill their massive need at nose tackle.
Production Grade: 0/1
Potential Grade:.5

Round 5: Vick Ballard RB, Mississippi St.
It took Ballard a few weeks to get acclimated to the NFL but by the end of the seasons he was one of the more productive rookie runners out there.  Ballard amassed 814 yds on the ground and found the endzone twice.  He looks to be the Colts feature back for the foreseeable future.
Production Grade: 2/1
Potential Grade: 1/1

Round 6: LaVonn Brazill WR, Ohio
Brazill was able to contribute a little bit in his rookie season as both a receiver and return man.  He could be inline to battle for more playing time during his sophomore campaign.
Production Grade: .25/0
Potential Grade: .25/0

Round 7: Justin Anderson OT, Georgia
Anderson was waived by the Colts in November, after doing nothing.
Production Grade: 0/0
Potential Grade: 0/0

Round 7: Tim Fugger DE, Vanderbilt
This Fugger was injured and then waived by the Colts.  He was later picked up by the Cardinals.
Production Grade: 0/0
Potential Grade: 0/0

Round 7: Chandler Harnish QB, NIU
Harnish had a decent preseason with the Colts, then was waived in October.
Production Grade: 0/0
Potential Grade: 0/0

Final Grade: 33/34=97% A
The Colts had a tremendous 2012 Draft especially on the offensive side of the ball.  They got their RB of the future in Vick Ballard, two solid tight ends in Coby Fleener and Dwayne Allen, a playmaking wideout in T.Y. Hilton, and then to top it off, they got a quarterback in Andrew Luck who has the talent to be a hall of famer.  This team getting to the playoffs was no fluke and the offensive nucleus they built in this draft should get them there many times in the seasons to come.