Arthur Brown, Linebacker, Kansas State
6’1” 228 lbs.

-You can see from his size, Brown is built like your prototypical linebacker, but he does he plays bigger than his stats indicate.
-High motor and he consistently finishes plays that his teammates miss.
-As a linebacker at the next level Brown’s sideline-to-sideline speed is second to none. Like Zach Brown last year he is very rangy and can make plays from backside LB, no problem.
-I think Brown has the versatility to play WLB, MLB, SLB, and ILB in defensive schemes.
-Brown has very good coverage ability. He feels out receivers while reading the QBs eyes and prevents a lot of mid-field dump offs.
-Despite his size, Brown plays low and drives through ball carriers. He won’t shy from contact in a “phone booth” and he can deliver punishment while tracking defenders down on outside runs.
-Currently Brown is the top non-rushing linebacker on my big board. This is above Te’o, Green, Minter, and Ogletree.
-Rangy and strong, Brown looks like an Urlacher-type linebacker in his coverage ability and his ability to clear through traffic and make plays. Depending on what Brown does at the combine, I could see him going any where from top-16 to top-50. Having said that he is my top LB, and I have a top-20 grade on him and anything after is a value.