Sheldon Richardson, Defensive Tackle, Missouri
6’4”, 295 lb.

-Heads up, I’m fairly critical of Sheldon Richardson because people seem to by hyping him as a top 12-20 pick in the NFL Draft and I came away unimpressed. After a few pros I will be getting detailed into his cons.
-Very strong at the point of attack and he can knock offensive linemen back 1-3 yards from his initial rush.
-Does a good job changing his angles on outside runs to try to help.
-Great motor, constantly moving, and always trying to get to the ball carrier.
-Richardson has the size and ability to hold the edge vs the run in a 3-4 scheme, but also the athleticism and range to be a 3-tech in a 4-3 scheme.
-Richardson’s motor comes with a cost, he plays very emotionally and it will lead to flags in the NFL. Against Georgia he had 4+ plays that I think would have been personal fouls with NFL refs, and you can do that in the pros.
-Also, he has the motor and flexibility to be kept in on all three downs, but he will never explode through gaps and be a penetrator. Ideally he is a 1-tech on pass rushing downs.
-At the end of the day his value is predominantly based on how much you need a high motor run stopper that will have some growing pains. Personally, seeing him get handles by NFL quality offensive lineman (vs Alabama) makes me nervous, but I do think he could start from day one if you aren’t expecting him to be a playmaker. Top-50 grade.