The 2012 NFL season is winding down and now is as good as time as any to go back and evaluate each team’s draft class.  This year we’ll be giving grades based not only on performance from each player, but also their potential to improve in the next few seasons.  Today the Eagles and their million picks are up.

Round 1 – Each player is evaluated on a 0-5 Scale.
Round 2 – Each player is evaluated on a 0-4 Scale
Round 3 – Each players is evaluated on a 0-3 Scale
Round 4- Each player is evaluated on a  0-2 Scale
Round 5 – Each player is evaluated on a 0-1 scale
Rounds 6,7, undrafted – Each player given a point based on production, no penalty for missing on pick.
Bonus points are given to any player who exceeds their draft position.
Fractional points are also given.

98-100 – A+
94-97 – A
90-93 – A-
88-89 – B+
84-87  – B
80-83 – B-
78 – 79 – C+
74-77- C
70-73 – C-
68-69 – D+
64-67 – D
60-63. – D- |
59 – 0 – F


Round 1: Fletcher Cox DT, Mississippi St.
Cox had a pretty solid rookie season.  His 39 tackles weren’t overly impressive but his 5.5 sacks were.  He played in 15 games with 9 starts and his ceiling is very high as he’s only 21 years old.
Production Grade: 3.5/5

Potential Grade: 5/5

Round 2: Mychal Kendricks LB, CAL
Kendricks was a solid pick for the Eagles in round 2.  He started 14 games and made 75 tackles with one sack.  He should be a starter next season.
Production Grade: 3/4

Potential Grade: 4/4

Round 2: Vinny Curry DE, Marshall
Curry was a pretty big disappointment in year one.  He only appeared in 6 games and made 9 measly tackles.
Production Grade: 0/4
Potential Grade: 2/4

Round 3: Nick Foles QB, Arizona
Foles took over when Vick went down and started 6 games before getting hurt himself.  He played pretty well at times and threw for 1700 yards with 6 TDs to 5 INTs.  It’s unclear whether he is a fit for Chip Kelly’s system but worst case the team could get something for him in a trade.
Production Grade: 2/3
Potential Grade: 2.5/3

Round 4: Brandon Boykin CB, Georgia
Boykin was a decent 4th round pick.  He played in every game and started 4.  Boykin finsished the season with 31 tackles, 1 sack, and a forced fumble.  He also added a bit in the return game.
Production Grade: 1.5/2
Potential Grade: 1.75/2

Round 5: Dennis Kelly OT, Purdue
Kelly Played in 13 games and started 10.  That’s not too shabby for a 5th round pick.
Production Grade: .75/1
Potential Grade: .5/1

Round 6: Marvin McNutt WR, Iowa
McNutt appeared in 4 games and did diddily squat.
Production Grade: 0/0
Potential Grade: 0/0

Round 6: Brandon Washington G, Miami
Washington did nothing for the Eagles and was released.  He was later signed by the Rams and did nothing.
Production Grade: 0/0
Potential Grade: 0/0

Round 7: Bryce Brown RB, Kansas St.
Brown started 4 games when McCoy went down with injury.  He played amazingly well for a 7th round pick showing great burst and vision.  He did have quite the fumbling problem though and that left a bit of a dirty stain on his otherwise sparkly good season.
Production Grade: 1/0
Potential Grade: .5/0

Final Grade:  26.75/38= 70%  C-
The Eagles had some good and some bad in this draft.  They got some solid pieces in Fletcher Cox, Mychal Kendricks, and RB Bryce Brown.  They also whiffed on Vinny Curry, and  Nick Foles future is very unclear with a new coaching staff in tow.  This grade could improve if Curry ends up being more productive in the team’s new 3-4 but I really think the ceiling on this class is pretty level.



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