Dee Milliner CB, Alabama
6’1” 199 lb.


-Milliner has the prototypical frame for a CB. Not so long that it affects his turn quickness, but big enough to compete with taller WR/TEs in the redzone.

-Milliner’s best quality is his ability to get great body position while the ball is in the air and timing his jump to deflect the ball (18 deflections in his senior year without counting interceptions.)

-His most interesting battle this year was against Tyler Eifert TE, Notre Dame. My top rated TE from this class, Eifert has done a great job in the past boxing out smaller CBs and using his huge catch radius to grab balls defenders can’t. Though he did manage to get his hands on two sideline balls, Milliner’s tenacity denied Eifert continued possession of the ball forcing it incomplete.

-Backside angles and speed haven’t been an issue for Milliner who loves to come in with a punch to try to dislodge the ball from ball carriers that have beaten their assignment.

-Another top-end quality is Milliner’s ability to read and track the ball like a WR. He finds the ball when it leaves the QBs hand and generally undercuts the WR.


-One of the cons with Milliner is his deep drops in man coverage. He seems to be worried that a WR will beat him over the top so he generally gives WRs anything they want underneath.

-Another issue is that he is an ugly tackler. He always dives for the legs and lacks the strength to form tackle on a play-to-play basis. This leads to inconsistencies in the run game.


– Trying to ignore the brilliant defensive minds on the Alabama sidelines is hard, but Milliner looks like the real deal as a number one corner. Considering it is a passing league, his ability to track the ball makes it easy to overlook his inconsistencies in the running game. I think Milliner can come into both a zone or man scheme and start immediately, but until his team has effective backend help he will be a liability at times. Much like Asante Samuel he takes risks that put a strain on the safeties, but when they work they change the course of a game.

-Projected Top 10 pick.