Michael Schofield NFL Draft Interview


DraftSeason: What are your plans in the coming months leading up to the NFL Draft?
Michael Schofield: I will be going down to Miami to train with Pete Bommarito, there I will be getting ready for the Senior Bowl game along with the combine and my pro day.

DraftSeason: What do you feel you need to improve on the most as an offensive lineman?
Michael Schofield: There is always something you can improve on, I feel like personally I need to work on my punch in pass pro, I just feel like I can be more violent with my punch in pass pro.

DraftSeason: You have had the chance top play against some of the best defensive lineman in the nation, who stands out as the best you have faced?
Michael Schofield: I don’t know if one in particular stands out I have gone against so many great players, guys like Ryan Mueller from Kansas state, Randy Gregory out of Nebraska, and Shillique Callhoum from Michigan state. Those three were probably the best I have gone up against this year.

DraftSeason: Greatest moment on the field during your college career?
Michael Schofield: My greatest moment of my career was when we won the Sugar Bowl in 2012. Just to have an opportunity to play in a BCS game and then to win it In overtime like we did. That was something I’ll never forget.

DraftSeason: Best and worst part about being an offensive lineman?
Michael Schofield: The worst part is you don’t get the glory when things are going good but when things go bad people tend to blame the offensive line. The best part is definitely when you get a guy moving backwards during a run block and you know he is trying everything he can not to be pushed back yet you still push him back.

DraftSeason: You and Taylor Lewan teamed up to be one of the best tackle duos in the nation leaving a few big holes for Michigan’s offensive line in 2014, any young big men we should keep our eyes on in the coming years?
Michael Schofield: We have a lot of good young talent at Michigan. One guy who stood out to me this year was Graham Glasgow. He played center and guard for us this past year. He showed a lot of potential this year and for the years to come.

DraftSeason: What do you see yourself doing

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when your playing days are over?
Michael Schofield: I graduated this past December from Michigan with a Physical Education degree. When football is over I would like to try to get into coaching and being a physical education teacher at a high school.

DraftSeason: Using 1 word, sum up your style of play.
Michael Schofield: Determined

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