Interview with Vikings Wide Receiver Donte Foster

Vikings rookie wide receiver Donte Foster takes time out of his busy schedule to answer some quick questions about his time so far in the NFL and what is to come. Foster was signed as an undrafted free agent from the University of Ohio. The 6’1 receiver left his mark at Ohio finishing his career as one of the best receivers to ever wear the green and white.

Donte Foster VikingsDraftSeason: What was one of the bigger reasons you chose to sign with the Vikings following the 2014 NFL Draft?
Donte Foster: I chose the Vikings because I felt like I could help contribute to the team. I felt like with all of the changes, this team is bound to make a run and have a good season.

DraftSeason: While you have only gotten a small taste of the NFL so far, what would you say is the biggest difference going from college to the pros?
Donte Foster: The route running and the competition is definitely the biggest. The defensive backs are more disciplined and are extremely better.

DraftSeason: You are kind of a jack of all trades receiver, what role do you see yourself playing early in your NFL career?
Donte Foster: I am going to try and make my mark on special teams in the early part of my career. If I happen to get in on offense, I will be whatever they want me to be whether it’s a deep threat, possession or just a decoy.

DraftSeason: With guys like Jennings, Patterson, Simpson, and Wright all but a lock to make the team that leaves 1-2 spots on the active roster and 1 or 2 possible spots on the practice squad. What do you feel you need to do to rise above the others to standout and secure a spot with Minnesota?
Donte Foster: I must have a great training camp. Limit my mistakes, make plays, stay disciplined, be able to correct my mistakes, everything it takes to be a great football player. As an undrafted free agent, we won’t have as many opportunities as other guys. So whenever I get my chance, I must contribute.

DraftSeason: What is it like to come into a situation where you have one of the best NFL offensive minds in Norv Turner as your o-coordinator?
Donte Foster: He’s simply an offensive genius. I’ve never been around someone who knows an offense and how to beat a defense as well as he knows. I honestly do not see why this offense will not produce. He knows how to put his players into position to make plays.

DraftSeason: Finally out of the bunch who is the most likeable guy on the team?
Donte Foster: Cordarrelle is quite the character. He definitely has a sense of humor.


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