Golden Tate Interview

DraftSeason: What was the main factor in forgoeing your senior year at Notre Dame and enter the NFL Draft?
Tate: It was time for me to leave. My family and I thought it would be tough to have a better season than I had this year

DraftSeason:Since declaring you instantly become one of the top receivers in the draft. What do you feel sets you apart from the other wide outs in the nation?
Tate: I think what I do after the Catch. Catching the ball is what I am on scholarship for. I think breaking tackles, there is always a possibility that I will score

DraftSeason:What do you feel you need to work on the most before your upcoming offseason workouts/combine?
Tate: My speed. route running

DraftSeason:Who was your favorite NFL team and player growing up?
Tate: I would say deion sanders and miami dolphins

DraftSeason:Who was the best overall defensive back you had the chance to play against in your college career?
Tate: Taylor Mays

DraftSeason:If you had your choice, which NFL quarterback would you want throwing you the ball next year?
Tate: Brett Favre

DraftSeason:What’s next for Golden Tate. How do you plan on preparing for Aprils draft?
Tate: First off I would l like find a agent and head to workout

DraftSeason:Finally, whats your passion off the field? What do you enjoy doing when your away from the football field?
Tate: I love being around my roomates, bowling, playing xbox

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