Possible Options at Quarterback for the Vikings | Post Teddy Injury

While it was a painful day for Teddy and Vikings fans, it’s time to start looking towards life without Teddy in 2016. The quarterback pool is razor thin and the Vikings are already behind the clock to add someone in time for the start of the season. While Shaun Hill will almost certainly start the season as the Vikings starting quarterback, longterm for 2016 Minnesota will be looking to add depth and someone to possibly take over the starting spot early in the year. Below are 5 guys that very well could be wearing that beautiful color of purple before the week is over.

Josh McCown, Browns

Browns haven’t been shy about being open to shopping the 37 year old quarterback. While he isn’t a sexy name, he could be the best option to fill Teddy’s shoes. He has plenty of experience, has played in the NFC North and brings a veteran presence. Would most likely come with a price tag of a draft pick in the 4th round range.

Mark Sanchez, Broncos

I have never been a very large Sanchez fan …. but when options are limited anything is possible. Sanchez does have experience and has had a few years to sit on the bench to season. During his time in Philly he actually did show some life. His play has been inconsistent during his 7 year career, and as hard as it is to imagine the butt-fumbler in Purple it might not be too far fetched, and wouldn’t cost a ton.

Mike Glennon, Bucs

Aside from McCown this would be my 2nd best option, Glennon has proven he can win game and while he is most likely suited as a career backup, he could come in for a year and help the Purple win some ball games. Still a youngster at 26 years old, the former North Carolina St. quarterback has a career passer rating of 83.7 along with 29 TDs to only 15 INTs. The asking price would be the wild card here …. the Bucs would be smart to hold on to him as he offers solid stability behind Winston.

Mike Vick, Free Agent

OK this one is pretty far fetched, but as long as he is saying he wants to play teams will be tempted ….. His best days are clearly behind him and many other things would have to fall through for this to actually happen, but it’s fun to think of what Vick and A.P. could do as a tandem. This free agent wouldn’t cost a thing, except his low salary.

Geno Smith, Jets

The Jets are set at quarterback with Fitzpatrick, and as of now Geno is struggling to hang on to the back-up spot. So why would the Vikings be interested in the Jets quarterback? Well …. if anyone needs a fresh start it’s Smith and going into a situation with the Vikings could be a win/win for both parties. While his leadership skills are questionable, the Vikings have that pretty squared away with a handful of vets.


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