2016 NFL Draft Grade A Day | Buffalo Bills

With the NFL season over it’s time to look at each team’s draft class and grade them on a PRODUCTION ONLY  basis.  Let’s see what teams had first year success and which ones are hoping for better in year two.


Round 1: 0-5
Round 2: 0-4
Round 3: 0-3
Round 4: 0-2
Round 5: 0-1
Round 6 – Undrafted:  Points only awarded if player was productive, no scale.

Bonus points are awarded to any player who out-performed their draft slot.

Round 1 – Shaq Lawson DE, Clemson
 – A large part of Lawson’s rookie season was lost to injury. When he finally did start playing he showed his potential.
Score – 2/5

Round 2 – Reggie Ragland LB, Alabama
Analysis – 
Rags, as he’s known around Draftseason, missed the entire season thanks to a very painful injury.
Score – 2/4

Round 3 Adolphus Washington DT, Ohio St.
Analysis – 
Washington was the Bills most productive rookie.  He had 21 tackles, 2.5 sacks, and started 11 games.
Score – 2.75/3

Round 4 – Cardale “MF’N” Jones QB, Ohio St.
Analysis – Cardale got into one game, and threw for 96 yds and a pick.
Score – .25/2

Round 5 – Jonathan Williams RB, Arkansas
Analysis – Williams was active 11 times and ended up with 94 yds and a score.
Score – .25/1

Round 6 – Kolby Listenbee WR, TCU
 Analysis – If you listen closely and hear nothing, that is the sound of Kolby’s year one production.
Score – 0/0

Round 6 – Kevon Seymour CB, USC
Analysis – Seymour had 22 tackles in 3 starts.  That’s good for a 7th rounder.
Score – 0.5/0



FINAL SCORE & GRADE   7.75/15|  52%| F

It’s really not fair or accurate to judge the Bills 2016 Draft class on production in year one, because they were hit so hard by injury.  Maybe Incomplete would be a better grade.  It’s hard to know what they have in first rounder Shaq Lawson.  He missed a large part of the season, and probably was never at 100% health.  He still managed a couple of sacks so the team should be encouraged by that.  They can’t really evaluate Reggie Ragland until next season, and will just hope he can be completely healthy when camp starts.  Third round defensive tackle Adolphus Washington was a nice choice.  He started 11 games and played well defending the run and got to the quarterback a couple of times.  Cardale Jones could compete for playing time next season and RB Jonathan Williams looks like at least a solid rotational back.  Again, this class will need to get healthy because at this point, the team really doesn’t know what they have in it.

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