2016 NFL Draft Grade A Day | New York Jets

With the NFL season over it’s time to look at each team’s draft class and grade them on a PRODUCTION ONLY  basis.  Let’s see what teams had first year success and which ones are hoping for better in year two.


Round 1: 0-5
Round 2: 0-4
Round 3: 0-3
Round 4: 0-2
Round 5: 0-1
Round 6 – Undrafted:  Points only awarded if player was productive, no scale.

Bonus points are awarded to any player who out-performed their draft slot.

Round 1 – Darron Lee OLB, Ohio St.
 – Lee was solid his rookie season. He racked up 73 tackles but had just one sack.
Score – 4/5

Round 2 – Christian Hackenberg QB, Penn St.
Analysis – 
Hackenberg couldn’t earn any playing time in a QB competition that wasn’t exactly a battle of the best.
Score – 0/4

Round 3 Jordan Jenkins OLB, Georgia
Analysis – 
Jinx lived up to his third round billing with 41 tackles and 2.5 sacks.
Score – 3/3

Round 4 – Juston Burris CB, NC St.
Analysis – Burris was active every game and had 16 tackles and a pick.
Score – 1.5/2

Round 5 – Brandon Shell OT, South Carolina
Analysis – Shell was active 8 games and started 3.  Not bad.
Score – .75/1

Round 6 – Lac Edwards P, Sam Houston St.
 Analysis – The Jets drafted a punter and he was one of their most productive choices.
Score – 1/0

Round 7 – Charone Peake WR, Clemson
Analysis – This 7th rounder was surprisingly solid starting a game and catching 19 balls.
Score – 0.25/0

 Undrafted – Robby Anderson WR, Temple
Analysis –
Anderson proved to be a diamond in the rough.  He started 8 games, caught 42 passes, and found the end zone twice.
Score – 1/0


FINAL SCORE & GRADE   11.5/15|  77%| C

The Jets 2016 Draft class was average in year one.   Their first round pick Darron Lee was solid but didn’t make a ton of splash plays.  Fellow outside linebacker Jordan Jenkins was taken in the third round, and was able to get more sacks than Lee.  They seem to have landed their punter of the future in this Draft and found a couple of sneaky good receivers late in the Draft with 7th rounder Charone Peake and undrafted steal Robby Anderson.  If this grade goes up in time will depend mostly on 2nd round QB Christian Hackenberg.  If he can up his play, and take over the starting job this grade will sky rocket.

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