2016 NFL Draft Grade A Day | Houston Texans

With the NFL season over it’s time to look at each team’s draft class and grade them on a PRODUCTION ONLY  basis.  Let’s see what teams had first year success and which ones are hoping for better in year two.


Round 1: 0-5
Round 2: 0-4
Round 3: 0-3
Round 4: 0-2
Round 5: 0-1
Round 6 – Undrafted:  Points only awarded if player was productive, no scale.

Bonus points are awarded to any player who out-performed their draft slot.

Round 1 – Will Fuller WR, Notre Dame
 – Fuller had his drops, but overall proved to be a dangerous weapon for the Texans offense.  He also made some noise as a return man.
Score – 4.25/5

Round 2 – Nick Martin G/C, Notre Dame
Analysis – 
Nick was lost for the season due to an injury.
Score – 0/4

Round 3 Braxton Miller WR, Ohio St.
Analysis – 
Miller battled injuries most of the season and wasn’t overly productive because of it.  He finished the season with just 15 catches and 1 touchdown.
Score – 3/3

Round 4 – Tyler Ervin RB, San Jose St.
Analysis – Ervin was far more effective as a returner than he was a running back.
Score – 1/2

Round 5 – KJ Dillon S, West Virginia
Analysis – Dillon did diddly shit his rookie season.
Score – 0/1

Round 5 – DJ Reader NT, Clemson
 Analysis – Reader was a nice surprise in the fifth round for the Texans.  He started 7 games and had 22 tackles and a sack.
Score – 1/1


FINAL SCORE & GRADE   9.25/16|  58%| F

The Texans 2016 Draft grade goes down as an F from a production based standpoint in year one.  Injuries are the biggest reason for that.  They lost their second round pick Nick Martin before the season even started.   Third round choice WR Braxton Miller also missed playing time while battling injuries.   Even Will Fuller, their top choice and most productive player, wasn’t healthy all season.  The good in this class in year one came from two players in particular.  Will Fuller used his speed to get deep and really opened things up for the Texans ground game.  Unfortunately, his hands weren’t always reliable.  5th round nose tackle DJ Reader proved to be a bit of a steal.  The Texans got seven starts out of him and he played well plugging up running lanes and providing interior pressure.  This grade will climb as early as next season if Nick Martin returns healthy.  How high it will go over the coming years, will be determined by Fuller’s hands, and if Braxton Miller can develop into a competent NFL receiver.

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