2016 NFL Draft Grade A Day | Minnesota Vikings

With the NFL season over it’s time to look at each team’s draft class and grade them on a PRODUCTION ONLY  basis.  Let’s see what teams had first year success and which ones are hoping for better in year two.


Round 1: 0-5
Round 2: 0-4
Round 3: 0-3
Round 4: 0-2
Round 5: 0-1
Round 6 – Undrafted:  Points only awarded if player was productive, no scale.

Bonus points are awarded to any player who out-performed their draft slot.

Round 1 – Laquon Treadwell WR, Ole Miss

Analysis – Treadwell had just one catch for the Vikings his rookie season.  He didn’t see the field much, but when he did he often looked confused.
Score – 0/5

Round 2 -Mackensie Alexander CB, Clemson

Analysis – Alexander appeared in 13 games, but made just five tackles.  He ended up getting hurt and hitting I.R.
Score – .25/4

Round 4 Willie Beavers OT, Western Michigan

Analysis – Beavers was so bad, he was cut in the preseason.  He was later signed to the practice squad and eventually appeared in two games after the Vikings were down to 4th stringers.
Score – 0/2

Round 5 – Kentrell Brothers LB, Mizzou

Analysis – Brothers was active for 10 games and had 9 tackles.  He gets just a hair of love for that.
Score – .25/1

Round 6 – Mortiz Boehringer WR, Germany Unicorns

Analysis – Boehringer was a fun Draft Day story but that may be all he’ll ever be.
Score – 0/0

Round 6 – David Morgan TE, Texas San-Antonio

Analysis – With one catch and a 12 yard kick return, Morgan was sadly one of the Vikings most productive rookies.
Score – 0/0

Round 7 – Stephen Weatherly DE, Vanderbilt

Analysis – Weatherly appeared in two games and had one glorious tackle.  That’s great but to get points he needed to suit up for a few more games.
Score – 0/0

Round 7 – Jayron Kearse S, Clemson

Analysis – Kearse became a preseason darling after a big game against the Bengals.  Though he was active every game and even started one, he couldn’t carry over that success to the regular season.
Score – .25/0


FINAL SCORE & GRADE   0.75/12 | 6% | F

Analysis: I’m not 100% sure, but this may be the lowest grade I’ve ever given out in all my years of doing D.G.A.D.s.  I secrete purple from every orifice of my body, and while I can’t argue this score based on year one production, I’m honestly not all that concerned.  First round pick Laquon Treadwell didn’t see the field that much, but that can be blamed in large part to Adam Thielen’s emergence and Cordarrelle Patterson’s resurgence.  They were simply better, and more ready to contribute.  Second round corner Mackensie Alexander was forced into action early and was routinely beaten.  That isn’t unheard of for a young corner, and a full year under Mike Zimmer’s tutelage should work wonders for his technique and confidence, as he heads into his second season.  Kentrell Brothers, who many thought had a chance to earn significant playing time, didn’t see the field much.  That may have had to do with Chad Greenway playing much better than most had foreseen.  Jayron Kearse flashed in the preseason and though he didn’t do much once the games started counting, still gave the team plenty to be hopeful about.  The biggest disappointment in this class was 4th round pick Willie Beavers.  He was so bad, he was let go during final cuts.  He was later called up from the practice squad, but couldn’t even crack an offensive line that was down to playing street free agents.  It wouldn’t be one bit shocking to see him released early in the 2017 preseason.  Overall this class is extremely deserving of this low grade, and I, as a fan of the Vikings, will only begin getting concerned if they are extremely unproductive for a second year in a row.

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