Thursday Morning Guest Mock Draft | Outhouse Style

The draft is only 2 weeks ago, which means only 2 weeks until we hear Outhouse talk about the odd beers he drinks and how much better they are than yours … .only to be the most hungover out of the bunch the following day. Below he explodes a 1st round mock with some quick trips down memory lane. He also accidentally put Quincy Wilson in round 1.

1. Cleveland Browns – Myles Garret, DE

….The one where Nik put those lace, see through undies on….

2. San Francisco 49ers – Soloman Thomas, DE Stanford

….The one when said lace undies had pee dribbles all over them….

3. Chicago Bears – Marshon Lattimore, CB Ohio State

….The one where Buddy was mixing whiskey waters out of the washing machine….

4. Jacksonville Jaguars – Leonard Fournette, RB LSU

….The one when we thought it was a good idea to break out Bull’s dog shock collar….

5. Tennessee Titans (from Rams) – Mike Williams, WR Clemson

….The one when Bizzles got kicked out of the Landing before the rest of us even showed up….

6. New York Jets – OJ Howard, TE Alabama

….The one when Lyle wore some strange article of clothing (oh wait…)….

7. Los Angeles Chargers – Malik Hooker, S Ohio State

….The one when Nik tried to re-injur Mitch by tackling him into the couch……

8. Carolina Panthers – Jonathan Allen, DE Alabama

….The one when Joe got really, really drunk…..

9. Cincinnati Bengals – Derek Barnett, DE Tennessee

….The one when Skinny tried to puke through the screen door….

10. Buffalo Bills – Jamal Adams, S LSU

….The one when Bizzles wore the penis necklace to the Landing….

11. New Orleans Saints – Gareon Conley, CB Ohio State

….The one when Lundgren left his truck at Matt’s for a week after….

12. Cleveland Browns (from PHI) – Corey Davis, WR Western Michigan

….The one when Matt woke up at Nik’s, Eric woke up at Matt’s, & Nik woke up at his mom’s….

13. Arizona Cardinals – Derek Barnett DE, Tennessee

….the one when Tom sat and played pool at the Landing for hours on end (oh wait)…..

14. Philadelphia Eagles (from MN) – Christian McCaffery, RB Stanford

….The one with the Elephant thong….

15. Indianapolis Colts – Takkarist McKinley, DE UCLA

….The one when Joe got really, really, drunk….

16. Baltimore Ravens – Reuben Foster, LB Alabama

….The one with the horse mask….

17. Washington Redskins – Haason Reddick, DE Temple

….The one when Patterson never came back…ever again….

18. Tennessee Titans – Tre’Davious White, CB LSU

….The one where Brook only said 4 words….

19. Tampa Bay Bucs – Cam Robinson, OT Alabama

….The one with Drunk Rob….

20. Denver Broncos – Forrest Lamp, OG Western Kentucky

….The one when Nik didn’t make it through the first round….

21. Detroit Lions – David Njoku, TE Miami

….The one where Nub hopefully quits wearing the God awful long white coat….

22. Miami Dolphins – TJ Watt, LB Wisconsin

….The one where Nik really wanted Martin Rucker….

23. New York Giants – Dalvin Cook, RB Florida State

….The one when Joe got really, really, drunk….

24. Oakland Raiders – Jarrad Davis, LB Florida

….The one with the Sloth mask….

25. Houston Texans – Mitchell Trubisky, QB North Carolina

….The one when Mitch stayed sober……YEAH RIGHT!!….

26. Seattle Seahawks – Kevin King, CB Washington

….The one with the Hoover & the Alf costume….

27. Kansas City Chiefs – Patrick Mahomes, QB, Texas Tech

….The ones (like last 7) when Hogey was home by 7:30….

28. Dallas Cowboys – Adoree’ Jackson, CB USC

….The one when Joe got really, really drunk….

29. Green Bay Packers – Quincy Wilson, CB Florida

….The one when we drafted Christian Ponder….

30. Pittsburgh Steelers – Jabrill Peppers, LB Michigan

….The one where we almost burnt Nik’s deck/garage down….

31. Atlanta Falcons – Charles Harris, E Missouri

….The one (or everyone) when Nub took home all the left over food….

32. New Orleans Saints (from NE) – Marlon Humphery, CB Alabama

….The one where we were homeless and had nowhere to have the party….

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