Grading the Vikings Signing of Michael Floyd

The Vikings recently came to terms with troubled former Arizona Cardinal star receiver Michael Floyd, on a one year deal.

The former first round pick put up some big numbers in his career with the Cardinals.  He had 246 receptions for 3,781 yds, and 24 TDs.  He is a physical pass catcher who can make tough grabs in traffic.  Speaking of traffic, that is the big zit on the ass of his NFL career, as he was pulled over in a traffic stop and was so drunk he could hardly speak or knew where he was, and all of this was caught on tape.  He will enter the 2017 season facing a 2-4 game suspension.

This is a classic low risk/high reward type of signing for the Vikings.  Floyd’s talent can’t be denied and if he can win over the coaching staff, he could end up being a very productive part of the Vikings’ 2017 offense.  If he fails, it won’t cost the team too much.  What this signing also does, is put added pressure on last year’s first round pick Laquon Treadwell.  He will need to step up his game to fend Floyd from taking away his reps.

Grade for signing Michael Floyd: C


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