Full Breakdown of Vikings Final Cuts

Final cuts are always nerve racking and tough on the heart strings. As fans we become attached to these guys and pull for our favorites to make the final 53. This year was no different and actually was more of a gut punch as all the cuts came at once. Below are my final thoughts on each Viking that was cut yesterday.

OG – Alex Boone
This was the big “what the $#%!” moment throughout cut down day. While it was mildly shocking, fact is he didn’t live up to his contract or the hype.

OG/OT – T.J. Clemmings
The writing was on the wall for Clemmings, just never lived up to his 4th round selection. Expect him to latch on somewhere as a depth move.

CB – Jabari Price
Price has showed minor flashes during his time in purple but injury and suspensions put a halt to his development.

DT – Datone Jones
Jones is headed to the IR and really ….. he wouldn’t of made the team anyways.

QB – Taylor Heinicke
Sounds like Heinicke was waived with an injury designation and can be placed on injured reserve if he clears waivers. That said, I wasn’t overly impressed. He was all over the place and a little to wild for my liking.

CB – Tre Roberson
Didn’t have the same spunk he has last year, a fan favorite of some just couldn’t leap the guys above him.

DT – Will Sutton
Nooooooo! I have loved Sutton since his days at Arizona St., he was my dark horse to make an impact in ’17.

DE – Sam McCaskill
Anyone trying to crack this defensive line rotation has an uphill battle.

CB – Sam Brown
If anyone watched the 4th preseason game, they know exactly why Brown is on this list.

WR – RJ Shelton
Has some nice tools with size and speed, sounds like he injured his foot.

OG – Freddie Tagaloa
Gotta love his size at 6’8, 314 lbs. But at this stage of the game the Vikings o-line needs more developed players.

DT – Chunky Clements
If only is play was as good as his game.

RB – Terrell Newby
Didn’t get much run in the preseason and with the guys in front of him never really had a chance.

TE – Nick Truesdell
We all knew Truesdell would be a project, he actually was farther along than I expected.

WR – Mortiz Böhringer
The German experiment is complete. It WAS a good story, but after 2 full offeasons MoBo was still extremely far away from seeing the field in a regular season game.

K – Marshall Koehn
Koehn showed off the big ole leg of his but the Vikings opted to go with the more consistent King Kai.

QB – Mitch Leidner
While it was nice to see the former Gopher get some playing time in the last preseason game …. nobody is surprised about this. Depending on Heinicke, he might get a sniff on the PS.

WR – Isaac Fruechte
Vikings no doubt like the local product, if he doesn’t catch on with another team I would assume he is back on the PS.

OT – Reid Fragel
Only think I really remember about Fragel is him getting kicked out of practice.

TE – Josiah Price
Price didn’t see much action in preseason, was a given he wouldn’t make the 53.

DT – Dylan Bradley
Bradley had himself a nice preseason but couldn’t elevate himself over the solid group of defensive linemen.

CB – Horace Richardson
Heard his name mentioned more than once at training camp, but competition was to tough to crack the lineup.

OG – Zac Kerinr
Kerin was never able to distance himself from the rest of the guards. He had all the chances in the world, was time to cut bait.

CB – Terrell Sinkfield
Sinkfield is another guy the Vikings would like to continue to develop. Look for the former gopher to end up on the practice squad.

DE – Ifeadi Odenigbo
Odenigbo is a physical freak and was probably closer to making the team than we think. Something tells me the Vikings are really hoping to get him on the practice squad.

OT – Willie Beavers
I actually thought Beavers had a chance to make the team. While still inconsistent this is probably the best has looked in his career.

S – Jack Tocho
Tocho could be a guy the Vikings look to add to the practice squad to continue to develop. He has the tools to be an NFL player, just needs more time.

TE – Kyle Carter
Carter had a nice preseason but Bucky Hodges was to tough to overcome. I would think Carter will get some looks from some teams looking for tight end depth.

LB – Edmond Robinson
Robinson had every chance to win a starting spot with the Vikings, he just didn’t show up. Was inconsistent and never really shined.

P – Taylor Symmank
Symmank has a big leg but is far to inconsistent, Vikings went with the vet.

WR – Cayleb Jones
This had to be one of the tougher cuts for the Vikings. Look for Jones to get some looks from a handful of teams.

OG – Austin Shepherd
Is it just me or does it seem like he has been around forever? Never really seems to stand out our rise above the rest.

LB – Noor Davis
Davis was signed only to add depth for training camp/preseason.

LB – Elijah Lee
Lee needs quite a bit more work, really expecting him to find his way to the practice squad.

RB – Bronson Hill
Hill didn’t get a full offseason with the Vikings, but in the final game showed he can play. Might be a PS candidate.

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