Deshaun Watson Goes #1 in Latest Mock Draft

Lupagus brings you his latest 1st round projections for the 2017 NFL Draft. One thing is clear, quarterback will be a heavily sought after position in the first 10 picks. We see 3 signal callers go in the top 10, with each landing in a spot they could start day 1. We also see the return of the running back as 3 rushers see their names get called in the top 32 picks. Take in the entire 1st round (and of course a Vikings 2nd round pick) here.

1. CLEVELAND BROWNS – DeShaun Watson QB, Clemson

I know he isn’t the highest rated prospect out there but the Browns need to pick a QB and start building around him. As much as the Browns don’t want to admit it, Cody Kessler isn’t that guy.

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