Michael Schofield NFL Draft Interview


DraftSeason: What are your plans in the coming months leading up to the NFL Draft?
Michael Schofield: I will be going down to Miami to train with Pete Bommarito, there I will be getting ready for the Senior Bowl game along with the combine and my pro day.

DraftSeason: What do you feel you need to improve on the most as an offensive lineman?
Michael Schofield: There is always something you can improve on, I feel like personally I need to work on my punch in pass pro, I just feel like I can be more violent with my punch in pass pro.

DraftSeason: You have had the chance top play against some of the best defensive lineman in the nation, who stands out as the best you have faced?
Michael Schofield: I don’t know if one in particular stands out I have gone against so many great players, guys like Ryan Mueller from Kansas state, Randy Gregory out of Nebraska, and Shillique Callhoum from Michigan state. Those three were probably the best I have gone up against this year.

DraftSeason: Greatest moment on the field during your college career?
Michael Schofield: My greatest moment of my career was when we won the Sugar Bowl in 2012. Just to have an opportunity to play in a BCS game and then to win it In overtime like we did. That was something I’ll never forget.

DraftSeason: Best and worst part about being an offensive lineman?
Michael Schofield: The worst part is you don’t get the glory when things are going good but when things go bad people tend to blame the offensive line. The best part is definitely when you get a guy moving backwards during a run block and you know he is trying everything he can not to be pushed back yet you still push him back.

DraftSeason: You and Taylor Lewan teamed up to be one of the best tackle duos in the nation leaving a few big holes for Michigan’s offensive line in 2014, any young big men we should keep our eyes on in the coming years?
Michael Schofield: We have a lot of good young talent at Michigan. One guy who stood out to me this year was Graham Glasgow. He played center and guard for us this past year. He showed a lot of potential this year and for the years to come.

DraftSeason: What do you see yourself doing

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when your playing days are over?
Michael Schofield: I graduated this past December from Michigan with a Physical Education degree. When football is over I would like to try to get into coaching and being a physical education teacher at a high school.

DraftSeason: Using 1 word, sum up your style of play.
Michael Schofield: Determined


Brandon Thomas NFL Draft Interview


DraftSeason: What are your plans in the coming months leading up to the NFL Draft?
Brandon Thomas: I’m going to be training with chip smith out of Atlanta until the senior bowl, following the senior bowl, I’ll go back and train until the combine.

DraftSeason: You have excelled at both guard and tackle during your time at Clemson, many project you as a guard in the NFL, what are your thoughts, where do you see yourself making the biggest impact at the next level?
Brandon Thomas: I believe that I can play either two positions. It doesn’t really matter to me which position. Anyway I can help a team win I will. Rather it be at guard or at tackle, i believe that I can make a positive impact on the field.

DraftSeason: What do you feel sets you apart from the other top offensive lineman in the nation?
Brandon Thomas: I believe my determination, my unwillingness to give up or to be out done drives me to the top. I Consider each and every play as it’s my last.

DraftSeason: Greatest moment on the field during your time at Clemson?
Brandon Thomas: It was the 2011 ACC championship game in Charlotte. After winning the game, watching all our fans throwing oranges into the field. Celebrating in tears with my fellow teammates. Taking in the experience that hasn’t been felt by a Clemson football team for about 20 something years.

DraftSeason: What do you feel you need to work on the most to improve your overall game?
Brandon Thomas: I believe that my lower body strength could improve some. With improvements to my lower body, it’ll help me in the run game.

DraftSeason: Best defensive lineman you have had the chance to play against during your career?
Brandon Thomas: One of the best defensive linemen I’ve seen/played against hands down was jadeveon clowney. He has everything you look for in a great defensive lineman. He has great explosiveness off the ball and can easily change speed to power.

DraftSeason: We will see a handful of Clemson Tigers in this years Draft, put your draft hat on, who will be the first Tiger off the board come draft day?
Brandon Thomas: I think the first tiger taken will be Sammy Watkins. He’s projected to go top ten pick. He’s well deserving of it. He had a heck of a season, and in my opinion, the best receiver and most explosive player in the country this year.

DraftSeason: Using 1 word, sum up the style of your play.
Brandon Thomas: If I had to describe my style of play in one word, it’d be physical.


Kecly Quarles NFL Draft Interview


DraftSeason: You have had a handful of accolades and great moments on the field during your time at South Carolina, what will go down as your greatest moment/accomplishment?
Kecly Quarles: I think by far the greatest moment for me as South Carolina is beating Clemson three years in a row. In the past, Carolina was known for having losing programs and also losing to Clemson. We came in to change the tradition around the program that why we have never lost to Clemson in the past five years.

DraftSeason: What are your plans in the coming months leading up to the NFL Draft?
Kecly Quarles: My plans are to go to train hard as I have ever trained in my life. Go down with an open mind- set and try to soak up all the knowledge I can possibly take in and bust my butt in whatever I do.

DraftSeason: You made it clear early in the year that you would most likely be entering the NFL Draft, was this an easy decision for you?
Kecly Quarles: No, it wasn’t easy at all. I love the University of South Carolina it is like a second home to me I will always be thankful for this school and all the coaches and what they have done for me.

DraftSeason: What is your greatest strength on the field as a defensive lineman?
Kecly Quarles: My strengths are my quickness of the ball and my motor. For a 330 lbs player I run pretty fast. I think I play the run just as well as I play the pass. I use my upper body strength and my leg drive to push lineman in the back field. I feel that I also could play defensive end also.

DraftSeason: With yourself and Clowney off to the NFL there will be some big holes to fill on the SC defensive line, which youngster should we keep our eyes on in the coming years?
Kecly Quarles: I think a player that is really developing into a great play is Phillip Dukes. He is a true defensive tackle that is stout against the run and can play the pass also. I feel if he looses a little weight he is going to be a great player.

DraftSeason: Greatest offensive player you have had the chance to play against during your career?
Kecly Quarles: Denard Robinson from Michigan, was one of the hardest players to tackle due to his elusiveness and his speed. He reminded me of Ace Sanders.

DraftSeason: If you are an NFL GM, why do you select Kelcy Quarles this coming May?
Kecly Quarles: You select Kelcy because I am God fearing man that is going to play to the best of my ability. You will NEVER have to worry about me being a problem off the field. I am a team player that’s always willing to do anything for the team. I am going to put the work in to be the best player that I can be. I am going to out work anybody no matter who it is. Most of all I love the game and I am always open to learn anything there is to be learned.

DraftSeason: Using one word, sum up your style of play.
Kecly Quarles: Monster!


Ty Zimmerman NFL Draft Interview


DraftSeason: What are your plans in the coming months leading up to the NFL Draft?
Ty Zimmerman: I haven’t figured out all of the details yet with an agent, location, etc. but my plan is to work out, run, and do drills to get myself in the best shape that I can so that I’m ready for pro day in March.

DraftSeason: What do you feel sets you apart from the other top safeties in the nation?
Ty Zimmerman: My dad is a high school football coach so I’ve grown up around the game. Ever since I can remember I was out watching practices, throwing the football around, attending meetings / film sessions, etc. so I feel confident in my knowledge of the game. That prior knowledge has allowed me to pick up and understand schemes pretty quick, and it also allows me to get myself in correct position every play so that I can help my teammates make plays and make plays myself.

DraftSeason: As a 4 year starter you enter the draft as one of the most experienced safeties in the group, what do you feel you still need to improve on the most in your game?
Ty Zimmerman: I feel that you are always in need of improvement, no matter what position you play. When you become satisfied with where you’re at, all you do is hurt your performance and therefore hurt your team. I didn’t play safety until I got to Kstate, so I feel like I’m still fairly new to the position. I’m still trying to improve man to man skills, open field tackling, and other things that apply directly to the safety position.

DraftSeason: You have had some great moments and accolades during your time at K State, what will go down as your greatest accomplishment?
Ty Zimmerman: Man, that’s a tough question. I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to play here. I’ve met so many great guys and have been around some great coaches, so it’s hard to pinpoint one thing. When I got to Kstate it had been awhile since we went to a bowl game, so being a part of the class to make it to four straight will always be a great memory to me, and then finally winning one my senior year after it had been 11 years since Kstate had won a bowl was an awesome feeling. Also, last year being a part of a big 12 championship team is something I will never forget. There’s just so many memories that I’ve made here and so many lifelong friendships that I have now.

DraftSeason: Some of the toughest transitions from college to the pros is in the secondary, what do you feel will be the biggest change going from college to the NFL?
Ty Zimmerman: I know at that level every player is extremely talented. That obviously makes the speed of the game a lot faster, and so as a safety you always have to make sure you’re making the right reads because you have to be a part of the run game and come up to make tackles, but also get enough depth to play the pass. Going against superb talent week in and week out makes that task a lot harder to do.

DraftSeason: Which current NFL defensive back would you most compare your style of play to?
Ty Zimmerman: I’ve always been impressed with Harrison Smith of the Minnesota Vikings. He was a very smart player at Notre Dame, and transitioned extremely well into the pros. He seems to be a fundamental tackler and he has great ball skills. I think in some ways my playing style is similar to his.

DraftSeason: Best offensive player you have had the chance to play against?
Ty Zimmerman: That’s a tough question, because I’ve competed against a lot of great ones. Justin Blackmon was probably the most dominating that I’ve played. Tavon Austin and Kendall Wright are the most explosive players that I got the chance to compete against. Those three have always stuck out in my mind after playing them.

DraftSeason: Sum up your style of play using 1 word.
Ty Zimmerman: Heady


Brandin Cooks NFL Draft Interview


DraftSeason: What has been your greatest moment during your time at Oregon St.?
Brandin Cooks: Greatest moment has to be when we played Utah on the road in a crazy atmosphere, and went into overtime and end up catching a game winning touchdown.

DraftSeason: What do you feel sets you apart from some of the other top receviers in the nation?
Brandin Cooks: What sets me apart is my style of play being a 5’10 receiver I have to be fast, but I also feel like am intelligent player which helps me put myself in the best position to succeed.

DraftSeason: You took home this years Biletnikoff award for most outstanding receiver in college football, guys like Fitzgerald, Moss & Calvin Johnson are previous winners. How much did that award mean to you and where do you got that trophy sitting?
Brandin Cooks: To be able to be mentioned in the same categorey with those guys speaks volumes, and it is a special feeling to cherish not for myself but for my family, and my teammates. So far Im waiting on the trophy but it will be in my moms living room.

DraftSeason: What is the most underrated aspect of your game, what don’t you get enough love for?
Brandin Cooks: Most underrated aspect of my game is, the fact that I am 5’10 and I am able to consistently beat the press on the outside and still able to catch balls in double coverage.

DraftSeason: You are a triple threat in the receiving game, return game, and carry the ball. What do you feel is your greatest strength on the football field, also greatest weakness?
Brandin Cooks: My greatest strength is I am able to run precise routes and catch a ball for 5 and take it the distance, whats special about my size is I only need a little room to navigate. My weakest part of my game probably just my size but I wouldn’t necessarily call that a weakness its more of a unique quality to have. Look at guys like Desean Jackson, Steve Smith, Tavon Austin, Golden Tate, I can go on all day long.

DraftSeason: Your style of play has drawn comparrisons to the Panthers Steve Smith, which current NFL receiver would you most compare your style of play to?
Brandin Cooks: I would say Steve Smith, and Desean Jackson both guys can run great routes, both blows the top off of coverage, physical and they can take hits consistently, great hands, competitors. Those guys are special and I try to mold my game after them.

DraftSeason: We have watched many great receives play at Oregon St., who do you feel is the greatest in school history?
Brandin Cooks: Thats a hard one there are plenty of great receivers that came out of Oregon State, besides myself I love Chad Johnson.

DraftSeason: Using 1 word, sum up your style of play.
Brandin Cooks: “Special” or as Coach Shaw from Stanford said in his interview “WOW”

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