17. Pittsburgh Steelers

Round 1: Damontre Moore DE/OLB
Round 2: Margus Hunt DE
Round 3: Vance McDonald TE
Round 4: Stedman Bailey WR

Summary: Moore’s fall is being over exaggerated if anyone thinks he will fall past 20 this year. Moore still has a lot to offer a team as a relentless speed rusher that can make quarterbacks nervous all game long. Stedman Bailey is a natural replacement for Mike Wallace as the team’s primary deep threat. Hunt and McDonald can be the next long-term solutions at TE and DL.

18. Dallas Cowboys

Round 1: Alec Ogletree LB
Round 2: Alex Okafor DE
Round 3: Gavin Escobar TE
Round 4: Hugh Thorton C/G

Summary: Switching to a 4-3 will require a lot of changes along the front seven and Ogletree and Okafor will fill some key positions. Thorton is a rising mid round prospect that could compete for a spot considering how bad the Cowboys interior OL is.

19. New York Giants

Round 1: Arthur Brown LB
Round 2: Sam Montgomery DE
Round 3: Will Davis CB
Round 4: Brian Schwenke OG

Summary: Arthur Brown is the best 4-3 LB in this draft with Ogletree as his only possible competition. Brown is an instinctive player that plays like his hair is on fire, and he is the perfect player for the Giants right now. Montgomery has had some bad press but his strength and hand placement will make him a very good LDE in the NFL and what coaching staff can polish him up better than the Giants? Offensive lineman is also a growing concern for the Giants so adding a solid but unspectacular player is a solid move.

20. Chicago Bears

Round 1: D.J. Fluker OT
Round 2: Barrett Jones C
Round 4: Cobi Hamilton WR

Summary: Having traded away a valuable third round pick the Bears have to stick to a need based draft. Fluker is an obvious choice and he will be a very strong RT for the next decade, and adding an experienced teammate of Fluker to the OL isn’t a half bad idea either. Cobi Hamilton can be a very good number two in this offense.

21. Cincinnati Bengals

Round 1: Eddie Lacy RB
Round 2: Jonathan Cyprein S
Round 2: Travis Fredrick C
Round 3: Brennan Williams OT
Round 4: Ty Powell LB

Summary: Cyprein is a sleeper safety that can really make a difference in a secondary where he can trust the CBs. The Wisconsin reunion is great for the Bengals who will need a solid running game to make Andy Dalton effective. Some may consider Lacy a reach in the first round, but they won’t after seeing him play in the NFL.

22. Washington Redskins

Round 2: Dallas Thomas G/T
Round 3: Robert Alford CB
Round 4: Adrian Bushell CB

Summary: Kyle Long is a perfect fit for a zone run scheme and he can easily play either the guard or tackle spot for the Redskins. Robert Alford and Adrian Bushell both make strong additions to a defensive back group without any clear leaders.

23. Minnesota Vikings

Round 1: Sheldon Richardson DT
Round 1: Tavon Austin WR
Round 2: Blidi Wreh-Wilson CB
Round 3: Alvin Bailey G
Round 4: Marquise Goodwin WR
Round 4: Kevin Riddick LB

Summary: The Vikings are about to get really young across the board. All of these players can be immediate starters for the Vikings. Austin and Richardson highlight this class and both should find favorable matchups within their division.

24. Indianapolis Colts

Round 1: Xavier Rhodes CB
Round 3: Sean Porter LB
Round 4: Kwame Geathers NT

Summary: The Colts traded their second round pick this year for DB help, but it wasn’t enough to fix the problem. Rhodes is an aggressive corner that will fit what Pagano looks for in a first round pick. Porter can be a better pass rusher than what they have now, and if the Colts can’t trust Chapman’s knee now they need to think about contingencies.

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