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UPDATED: 4/26/16

I think I call this final version …….. Doris
From  corner of the living room somewhere on 4th Ave…………
Lupagus presents his FINAL 2016 4 Round NFL Mock Draft!!

1. LA Rams – (From Titans) Jared Goff QB, CAL

This looks like it’s going to be Goff and I don’t blame the Rams one bit.  Goff is an accurate passer with great pocket presence.  He has faced stiff competition in college and is much more pro ready than Wentz.

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2. Philadelphia Eagles (From Browns) – Carson Wentz QB, North Dakota St.

Wentz was the best QB at the Combine and the Eagles clearly fell head over heels in love with the Ginger.  Wentz has great size, mobility, and a strong arm.  He can also wait a year before filling Bradford’s massive shoulder pads.

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3. San Diego Chargers – Laremy Tunsil OT, Ole Miss

This is a tough call right now for the Chargers.  Do they take the best player in the Draft in Jalen Ramsey, or do they protect Philip Rivers for his last few seasons.  I’m going with Tunsil, but this could just as easily be Ramsey.  Like Natalie Imbruglia, I’m torn.

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4. Dallas Cowboys – Jalen Ramsey CB/S, FSU

The Cowboys desperately need a pass rusher, but they shouldn’t let that need dictate what they do here.  Ramsey is a dynamic player who can take over a game by shutting down a team’s top receiver.  He’s what the Cowboys secondary has lacked for decades.

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5. Jacksonville Jaguars – Myles Jack OLB, UCLA

Jack and Fowler on the field together on opposite sides, will scare the shit out of every quarterback the Jags face for the next decade.

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6. Baltimore Ravens – Joey Bosa DE/OLB, Ohio St.

The Ravens could look to move down but ultimately go with Bosa who they’ll envision as the next, whiter version of Terrell Suggs.

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7. San Francisco 49ers – Ronnie Stanley OT, Notre Dame

The right side of the 49ers offensive line is just sad.  Stanley is a major upgrade and a day 1 starter.

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8. Cleveland Browns (From Miami) – Ezekiel Elliott RB, Ohio St.

I don’t agree with the Browns moving down and passing on a quarterback.  They are gonna suck next year regardless.  They have RG3, so there is no need to hurry along Wentz, so why not get your QB in house and start building around him?  That’s why they are the Browns.  Anyway they go with the local product and best player on the board.

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9. Tampa Bay Bucs – Jack Conklin OT, Michigan St.

The Bucs think about DeForest Buckner but he’s better off in a 3-4 front.  So they upgrade their offensive line with Conklin and could try him at left tackle and move Smith to left, or let Conklin handle right tackle duties.  Either way it’s a major upgrade.

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10. New York Giants – Leonard Floyd OLB, Georgia

The Giants have serious needs at linebacker, and Floyd is flying up Draft board all over the universe.  He’s got freakish size, and is quick as a cat.  He can help turn this terrible defense around in a hurry.

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11. Chicago Bears – DeForest Buckner DE, Oregon

Buckner falls a bit due to teams opting for offensive lineman and scheme fits.  He’s sad, but the Bears are thrilled.  They are switching to a 3-4 front and Buckner gives them their own version of JJ Watt.

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12. New Orleans Saints – Sheldon Rankins DT, Louisville

The Saints must improve on the defensive side of the ball and bring in this big ol’ boy to help stuff the run.

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13. Miami Dolphins (From Eagles) – Vernon Hargreaves CB, Florida

I’m not a big fan of the Dolphins trade, and it costs them Ezekiel Elliot in this mock.  At least they still get Hargreaves, a physical corner who could start as a rookie.

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14. Oakland Raiders – Reggie Ragland LB, Alabama

The Raiders think about Treadwell here, but decide they can find a quality receiver in rounds 2 or three.  So they take one of the safest players in the Draft in Reggie Ragland.  Ragland between Mack and Irvin is a defensive coordinator’s dream, and an offenses wettest nightmare.

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15. Tennessee Titans (From L.A. Rams) – Laquon Treadwell WR, Ole Miss

I fully expect the Titans to move up and get Stanley.  But if they can’t find a partner to dance with, then they could get stuck here at 15.  Instead of forcing a tackle who isn’t worth the 15th pick like Taylor Decker, they grab the best WR in the Draft and give young Marcus Mariota a reliable red zone weapon.

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16. Detroit Lions – A’Shawn Robinson DT, Alabama

The Lions could go with Taylor Decker, but after signing Geoff Schwartz, don’t have to force it.  So instead, they upgrade their run defense with this big nasty from ‘Bama.

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  5. I don’t watch much NCAA, but by god I want the Vikings pick to be true!! Has anything like that ever happened??

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