4 Round NFL Projection

By Will Lomas | @jlomas72 | Updated April 23rd
Check back on a weekly basis as the order and team needs are constantly changing. Also be on the look out for additional rounds that will be added as we continue to get closer to draft day. Speak your mind below.

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1. Kansas City – Luke Joeckel OT, TAMU
2. Jacksonville – Dion Jordan DE/OLB, Oregon
3. Oakland – Star Lotulelei DT, Utah
4. Philadelphia – Dee Milliner CB, Alabama
5. Detroit – Eric Fisher OT, CMU
6. Cleveland – Geno Smith QB, WVU
7. Arizona – Lane Johnson OT, OU
8. Buffalo – Tavon Austin WR, WVU
9. New York Jets – Barkevious Mingo DE/OLB, LSU
10. Tennessee – Chance Warmack OG, Alabama
11. San Diego – D.J. Fluker OT, Alabama
12. Miami – Xavier Rhodes CB, FSU
13. New York Jets (via Tampa Bay) – Kenny Vaccaro S, Texas
14. Carolina – Sharrif Floyd DT, Florida
15. New Orleans – Jarvis Jones DE/OLB, Georgia
16. St. Louis – Cordarrelle Patteson WR, Tennessee
17. Pittsburgh – Ziggy Ansah DE/OLB, BYU
18. Dallas – Jonathan Cooper G, UNC
19. New York Giants – Bjoern Werner DE, FSU
20. Chicago – Alec Ogletree LB, Georgia
21. Cincinnati – Arthur Brown LB, Kansas State
22. St. Louis (via Washington) – Jonathan Cyprein S, FIU
23. Minnesota – Sheldon Richardson DT, Mizzou
24. Indianapolis – D.J. Hayden CB, Houston
25. Minnesota (via Seattle) – Keenan Allen WR, Cal
26. Green Bay – Damontre Moore DE/OLB, TAMU
27. Houston – DeAndre Hopkins WR, Clemson
28. Denver – Johnathan Hankins DT, Ohio State
29. New England – Quinton Patton WR, Lousiana Tech.
30. Atlanta – Datone Jones DT/DE, UCLA
31. San Francisco – Desmond Trufant CB, Washington
32. Baltimore – Manti Te’o MLB, Notre Dame

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  1. No Sheldon Richardson in the 1st round? You may want to review the tape of the games vs. UF and Bama (well the whole season for that matter), he’s was a one-man wrecking crew, and a perfect fit for NO at a position of strong need. He could go as high as #9 to CAR.

    • I do need to see more on him, but for some reason I just find him underwhelming. I’ll do a write up on him soon so comment and let me know if you agree with it. Thanks for reading.

  2. Lewan got worked and exposed by Clowney yesterday. He’s dropping massively after that performance.

    • You can’t fault Lewan for getting worked by possibly the best college defensive lineman in the past 20 years.

      • lewan owned clowney all game, the guy made one play and thats all he had all game. did you not watch and hear the commentators repeat the fact that lewan handled the top player in college football very well? and the play on vincent smith was a play where lewan got pulled to the inside to block anyways.

        • I also lean more this way. Lewan’s nastiness, length, and athleticism make him the #2 OT in this draft to me and having a decent game against Clowney is something to be proud of.

    • Clowney is the Andrew Luck of defensive ends. He is a prodigy and he is one of the most dominant players in college football. As a player who doesn’t consistently face SEC level DEs I thought Lewan did great. Starting at RT at the next level I don’t expect Lewan to consistently go against a team’s best pass rusher, much less anyone on JC’s level.

  3. Love your rating of Matthews. Not many people rate him very highly.

    Chris Robertson
    • @Chris Robertson
      I was a HUGE Mathews fan: bloodlines, size, ability, he literally has all the tools and intangibles you want in a OT. Really think he should have come out this year, risk of injury scares me.

  4. Will-You don’t really think that KC will use a #1 pick on a 2nd rate QB when they have so many other needs do you? There will be plenty of them available later

    • @Tom
      They have the worst QB situation in the league and their LT situation is great if the keep Albert. Upgrading with Geno isn’t the worst idea and it would probably provide the biggest upgrade to the team.

  5. Yeah uh, what other needs do the Chiefs have, Tom? Let’s look at the top of the draft boards. Left tackle? Have one of those, a really good one. Defensive end, set. Defensive line, set. Outside linebacker, set.

    Quarterback? Hilarious. Geno Smith is the pick and every KC fan who knows anything at all knows that is the truth.

    • @James
      I agree completely with this if they can find a way to keep Albert at a reasonable price, however the seem to be shying away from giving him a long term deal and if the think they can use the money it would take to sign him elsewhere then Joeckel could be a cheap franchise LT.

  6. James;Do you think there is a Luck,Griffin or Wilson in the draft?There isn’t.Geno is a 2nd tier QB that will keep any team that drafts him a loser.Look at what Cassell did(off the bench)for the pats=11-5 for a good team which KC isn’t-but can be with a few good drafts.Look at where the ESPN prognosticators are going with their picks.
    • @BBB
      This is a weak QB class, but you till have to get talent while you can. There isn’t a Luck or RG3 in this year’s draft, but there is are some in that tier above Alex Smith. Geno and Wilson have qualities that won’t leave you limited like an Alex Smith would, and it is much better than any alternative.

      • Will;that’s just my point,there ISN’T a worthwhile QB in the draft this year so why not bite the bullet and build a quality taem that will support a good QB when(and if)he comes along in a year or two? For what it’s worth,most pundits seem to be thinking the same thing.

  7. Did you watch the Combine? Moore stock has dropped him out of the top ten. Then a TE in the second round give me a break. If the Lions follow your mock they should be fired…Complete waste of time to read.

    • If teams went strictly off the combine … Marquise Goodwin would be a top 5 pick.

    • @Matt
      The Lions need a DE and Moore is a good one don’t just look at the number from the combine. If you want to talk about numbers how about this Moore has nearly 200 tackles, 45 TFLs, 26.5 sacks one interception, and eight forced fumbles over his career. He has been a consistently disruptive force on the field and teams win games on the field not at the combine. If they did the Raiders would have more rings and the Patriots would have none.
      As for drafting a TE, their starting TEs are garbage. They would be lucky to get Ertz in the 2nd.

      • im sorry this a is not a good mock draft

        • you have oak taking another QB when they have basically nobody at DT and CB…and youy have AZ taking a guard when they need a QB and OT,,,just too much doesnt make sense

          • Why not? They NEED points and Geno could help them put some up, but no DT or CB is going to complete their defense. Biggest upgrade is going for cheaper DL in FA and QB in the draft.

  8. Not much of a mock for GB. Their gm has never taken a RB early, and he can get a good one in round 3 easily. Their deepest position is WR and you have them wasting a pick on another WR in round 2 when D-line, O-line help is available. Porter is a round 5-6 pick, not a round 3. He offers nothing the Packers don’t already have and is way too much of a reach in the 3rd for them.

    • They need to find a way to get defensive pressure off of Rodgers, and the best way to do that in their position is to draft an RB who can do it all. Lacy would allow the Packers to attack the cover 2s that he sees more effectively without spending an early pick on an offensive lineman.
      Porter was a preaseason 1st round player that lost his way after switching to a 4-3 D. In a 3-4 he could be a steal in round three and he will be MUCH better that who is starting there now. Since you think he is a reach I assume you won’t agree but go watch his 2011 film as a 3-4 LB, he jumps out.

  9. youse guys must be on vacation-nobody knows where you are-have you been abducted?

    Tom in Connecticut
  10. Once again a mock thinks the Bears have the 52nd pick when in reality they have the 50th. Little things like that make me question sites like this.

    Kevin McIlvain
    • Kevin, it shows as pick #52 because forfeited (Saints & Browns) where included in the count.

    • I include the forfeits in my mock. As should every other mock. The Bears DO have the 52nd pick, but it will only be the 50th player drafted. Do you understand now?

  11. The most idiotic Packer draft I’ve seen so far. Their deepest postition is WR and you have them wasting a first round on a guy who wouldn’t even see the field in year 1. Two O-linemen and no defensive help in rounds 2&3 is stupid. They don’t need a guard, especially one that is a reach in round 3.

    • The need all the offensive line help they can get, and when you lose one of your top two WRs why not replace him with someone talented.

      Your team has the key pieces it needs on D…CB, pass rusher, ILB, NT. You can win championships with what you have now. You need to take advantage of Aaron Rodgers and the best way to do him is to continue weaponizing that offense.

      • Since that receiver wasn’t there all year and the offense churned like butter. That is why you pass on him.

    • Could not agree more! O-line could use some help but D-line is hurting badly. There is one proven playmaker in the front 7, that is NOT enough to win now. They had a top-5 offense last year and lost nothing. Jennings was hurt the whole season and they played great, he does not need to be replaced. At least not with a first round pick!! A developmental player later on would be more than enough.

  12. Trufant is a really bad 1st round pick for GB. He’s not a 1st round player and CB is one of our deeper positions. Furthermore the CB class (like most years) is deep. No need to take him there.

    Hunter would be a really lucky pick to grab him in round 2. I think there will be a prime WR that will fall to GB in that round because of the (again) depth of the WR class this year. Hunter is also perfect because he needs to develop for a year or so before he’s ready to be a star. He would be a good pick for GB because they don’t need an immediate starter. In 1-2 years he could be really special though.

    Lemonier would also be a good pick in round 3, but I’d rather go DE than OLB. I don’t see him being able to play DE in a 3-4.

    I like Gooden but I’d rather have a S in the first four rounds. Everyone always says the Packers defense misses Cullen Jenkins….Nick Collins is who we really miss.

  13. You have got to be kidding me. Why would the Lions take aTE when they need a DE and have two TE’s under contract? I regret wasting my time with a mock draft that has no idea what a team needs. A CB in the third round when they need an OLB or a WR…Really. One hint for you do some research and see that the LIons have spent a lot of their FA money on the secondary. The only pick you have right is Fisher in the first round. They will take one of the LT’s in the first round for sure. Other then that a waste of time.

    • Agreed. As soon as I saw Patterson to the Browns I stopped reading as well. This mock is an absolute joke.

      • I like how some of you dumbsh!ts see ONE pick that isn’t the norm and you just flake out. I hate to break it to ya TJ but the NFL Draft is full of surprises … have you watched a draft in the past 10 years??? You are prob the same guy that STOPPED reading mocks that had the Dolphins taking Ted Ginn … or the Raiders taking D.H.B. … or the Seahawks taking Bruce Irvin … you sir .. .are a joke.

        • Whatever dude, I just know my team and I know what our needs are. I don’t believe this mock reflects that. I don’t believe that warrants personal attacks, but whatever gets you through the day…

    • Well … they ARE the Lions … so anything is possible

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