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23. Minnesota – Tavon Austin WR WVU
Percy Harvin may or may not be with the team next year, but either way it seems like he is not the long term answer for this team. Austin is a dynamic slot WR that consistently made players miss at the college level, and was the second most electrifying receiver in the NCAA behind Cordarrelle Patterson.

24. Indianapolis – Desmond Trufant CB Washington
Trufant is a new entrant to the first round for me, but after a dominant Senior Bowl campaign, it looks like he will be picked in the bottom half of the 1st round. The Colts need an upgrade at cornerback and without a second round pick Indy would be wise to grab a player here.

25. Seattle – Sheldon Richardson DT Missouri
Richardson is an athlete playing defensive tackle in my opinion. He has unique burst and pursuit skills that will make a coach like Pete Carroll fall in love with him, and he will add more teeth to that defensive line.

26. Green Bay – Matt Elam S Florida
The Packers could cut or trade Woodson this offseason if they aren’t comfortable with his cap hit. If so, they could bolster their young secondary with Matt Elam who is a smaller version of Vaccaro. Elam has proven against the best compitiion that he can be a factor in all phases of the game, and they have struck gold in SEC defensive backs recently.

27. Houston – Tyler Eifert TE Notre Dame
Eifert is the most complete tight end in this draft, and Houston gets a steal here. Eifert can help that right side of the offensive line with its problems in pass protection, but he is also a vertical threat that makes some spectacular catches.

28. Denver – Xavier Rhodes CB FSU
Xavier Rhodes may be the second-most physical corner in this draft behind Milliner, and he can fill a huge need for the Broncos.

29. New England – Robert Woods WR USC
Tavon Austin was such a natural fit here that I thought this pick would be a struggle, but Robert Woods is also a great WR to take advantage of the hole likely to be left behind by Welker. Woods has all the tools to play anywhere on the field except for the fact that he is just under 6’0” and Tom Brady places the ball so well that rarely will he need a big target outside from Gronk.

30. Atlanta – Alex Okafor DE Texas
Okafor is a very good power rusher that is essentially the Big Ten’s version of Sam Montgomery. Okafor is very disruptive and much like at Texas, and DE is a top priority after releasing Abraham.

31. San Francisco – Johnny Adams CB Michigan State
Adams isn’t getting a lot of publicity, but he has been incredibly physical and he has shown some impressive instincts. The former Spartan’s main issue is he is under 5’11” and he isn’t a speed demon, but his technique and instincts make him a top-40 pick to me.

32. Baltimore – Kevin Minter LB LSU
Minter is exactly what Ray Lewis was last year (an in-the-box MLB) but instead of being on the decline, he is a young prospect with room to grow. He won’t be the emotional leader that Ray was last year (and the 1000 years before that) but he can provide the same production.

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  1. Saying that no one has shown up on the defensive line aside from chandler jones for the pats, is disrespectful to Rob Ninkovich, and especially Vince Wilfork

    • @Luc @Biggie @Aldo
      I may have been a bit out of line talking down to Wilfork, but doesn’t it seem like a BB move to trade an older player like Wilfork to before he hits decline (like he did with Seymour) and take someone in the draft who can add similar production? No one at this point in the draft is going to be Wilfork in his prime, but Wilfork is past his prime now agreed? Get max value from him and move on, if you can get similar production for cheaper/less resources then do it. Isn’t that the Patriots way?

      • How about this new rinkle BB Patriots sign Richard Seymour a free agent and play him opposite side of Jones. Seymour would be a great situational player for a couple of years. That would allow Partiots to draft oline to protect Brady in the twilight of his career. It would also give Pats time to develope or find the next pass rushing expert.

        • @floridated
          I have no problem with Seymour back in NE, I realized about three days ago that the Pats are going to have HUGE WR depth problems next year so they will be getting some help in the first and 2nd rounds.

      • The diff between Seymour & Vince is attitude;Vince has a good one & Seymour doesn’t-that’s why Seymour is gone & Vince isn’t.Plus ever since Seymour signed the big contract his talent level declined drastically

  2. like luc said wilfork is a beast on the DL..incredible performance monday night..wish my Bucs had him..

  3. The Saints will Draft this guy.. Ezekial Ansah DL BYU..Safety is a wasted pick in the 1st round..

    • @whodat
      The safeties have two of the worst safeties in the league right now in Harper and Jenkins, how can you disagree with this pick? You can add all the pass rushers you want, but if your coverage folds because of your safeties you won’t get many sacks right? Ansah is good and isn’t a reach where the Saints draft, but their BIGGEST need by a longshot is defensive back.

  4. lomie-lomie-lomie;shame on you for not doing your homework.Vince Wilfork is one of the very best DT’S/NT’S in the league

    biggie the binder
  5. The Vikings picking a CB #1 that no other draft expert even lists anywhere! Get a clue.

    • @kingfish Just because no one you look at says its a possibility, doesn’t mean they are right. Surprises happen and value causes teams to pass up on need every year. Having said that they took Nuke Hopkins in this draft and there is still a lot of time left.

  6. Vince Wilfork is still in his prime & BB has no intention of losing him.

    • @biggie
      BB will trade anyone and everyone if he thinks he can get a premium for them. Wilfork is great but he is old and he will hit a decline.

  7. I think you bumped your head…

  8. You must know that the Texans never draft what appears make the most sense. Example: this year they provided many examples of just how thin they are at the interior LB spots and Cushing coming off the ACL…makes sense they go ILB, like Minter or Ogletree or Green….they won’t…Makes sense that they draft a DE/OLB int eh first round because Antonio Smith is due a big salary this year and the Texans are cap-strapped…they won’t. They will probably draft the best TE on the board and Eifert is the best TE under the reasoning that they are drafting two postitions in the TE…an OL and WR. The Texans love TE’s so AI agree with your pick.

  9. I like the position for the 49ers but not necessarily the player. I would rather see Poyer at 31, unless by some miracle Rhodes falls, which is not likely. The secondary is the biggest need in my opinion and I even think Phillip Thomas would be a good selection there. Goldson will most likely leave, and Whitner cannot cover so I am torn as to which position should be taken in the 1st round.

    • @JD
      Definitely a huge need in the secondary, and I am much higher than everyone else on Adams. I think he is similar Finnegan in his aggressive play and I think he is being overlooked

  10. Robert Woods is under 6-feet tall? Dang, he measured over 6-1 at the combine. What gives?

  11. Johnny Adams????? The guy is a 6th round prospect. Get a net and catch a clue.

    • Lol, have you watched his tape or is this based on crowd sourcing. Granted I am a little overzealous on him and he will fall in my post FA mock, but don’t be surprised if he isn’t a starting CB which is SFs biggest need.

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