49. Dallas – Matt Barkley QB USC
Tony Romo’s career in Dallas is balanced on a very fine line right now and he could easily find himself on the free agent market if he can’t finally kick that label of not being “clutch”. Barkley has a chance to become a star QB in the right system and with his character, IQ, and Miles Austin/Dez Bryant, Barkley could be the future for the Cowboys.

50. Pittsburgh – Markus Wheaton WR Oregon State
Drawing a lot of Wallace comparisons, Wheaton could be just the remedy that the Steelers were looking for.

51. New York Giants – Logan Ryan CB Rutgers
Ryan is a solid man-cover corner that takes chances that often pay off when the ball is in the air. A player like that will give the Giants front four more time to get to the QB as they transition to a life without Osi.

52. Chicago – Barrett Jones C/G Alabama
Barrett Jones has 4th round ability after the ball is snapped, but as a leader and someone that can identify a defense pre-snap he will be a second round value for a team like the Bears.

53. Washington – Baccari Rambo S Georgia
Rambo plays his best game as a roving free safety which is exactly what Washington needs. He isn’t a flashy pick but his consistent play against good competition is what you look for when you only have one pick in the top 64.

54. Minnesota – Johnathan Hankins DT Ohio State
Hankins is a space eater with quick feet which (paired with Kevin Williams) could end up reforming the “Williams Wall 2.0” which we would of course change to the “Hank-Williams Wall”.

55. Cincinnati – Sean Porter LB Texas A&M
As you can see, I am a big believer that the future of the 4-3 WLB position is a player that can rush the passer on third down and drop into coverage downs one and two. Porter is a former 3-4 OLB that dropped off a bit in a 4-3 scheme this year, however the Bengals DC does a great job pulling all the talent out of prospects and Porter seems like a gem here

56. Miami – Datone Jones DT/DE UCLA
Jones is an interior missile on third down but for downs one and two he can do an admirable job anchoring the edge of a 4-3 DL opposite Cameron Wake.

57. Green Bay – Travis Frederick C Wisconsin
The Badger interior lineman is likely to be the first true center off of the board, but he could make his bones at multiple interior line position. Plus being a native of the area they team knows he can play at a high level in the frigid conditions.

58. Seattle – Cobi Hamilton WR Arkansas
Hamilton isn’t the shake-and-bake athlete that Tavon Austin or Cordarrelle Patterson are, but he is quick and a long-striding target that can pull away from defenders.

59. Houston – Alec Ogletree LB Georgia
Houston’s defense has been disappointing since the Cushing injury because they lack quality depth at ILB. With Ogletree, they can get a probable replacement to Connor Barwin and also address depth at the 3-4 ILB spot. Win-win.

60. Denver – Da’Rick Rogers WR Tennessee Tech
Rogers has his issues, but he has amazing on the field talent that could make him a deadly slot WR in the NFL. With a winning franchise and a QB that is more than willing to feed him the ball, Rogers may even keep his mouth shut and show people what a steal he is here.

61. New England – Quinton Patton WR Louisiana Tech
New England needs a lot of replacement parts, but the WR group is by far their thinnest position.

62. Atlanta – Zach Ertz TE Stanford
I believe the idea that Ertz is the best TE in the draft is off because I am a huge proponent of Tyler Eifert, but the team that drafts the former Cardinal will get a huge vertical threat. With Gonzo needing to retire sometime the Falcons need to decide sooner rather than later what the future of their TE spot is.

63. San Francisco – Margus Hunt DE SMU
Hunt is a physical freak that has monster potential as a defensive lineman in any scheme. Lack of production and consistency will likely push him out of the top 50.

64. Baltimore – Tank Carradine DE FSU
A torn ACL will likely drop him to a fringe second rounder position, but he has first round ability if he can recover. The Ravens need pass rush, especially with Kruger likely to be gone in FA and Suggs getting older.

Your thoughts here
  1. So lemme get this straight, You passed up Barrett Jones, Sheldon Richardson, AND Shariff Floyd in the second round for the Boys??? Cmon man the oline and dline will be the priorities this off season no way do they pass up on one of those guys if they fall to the 2nd round

    • @mericas_team
      Barrett is a joke. He gets no push and he will get eaten alive by Fletcher Cox, Ratliff, and Tuck if he ever goes against them so I didn’t even consider it.
      Richardson is a tough sell for me, but I could see it. And Floyd is gone by now in my newest version.

  2. If Dion Jordan falls to GB…that would be an epic blunder by 25 NFL teams and TT would gladly accept it.

    Barrett Jones is versatile and smart but he also sucks. GB doesn’t have immediate need at G/C after benching Saturday and I don’t think using a 2nd rounder for depth is wise.

    Would prefer Philip Thomas from Fresno State, Gio Bernard from UNC or Alec Ogletree

    • @GB fan
      All of those are great names and I will consider them next time, but having a versatile player (albeit one that sucks) isn’t the worst thing in that scheme. It could save them a game-day roster spot on a backup OL that they could use for another DB/DL to rotate.

    • Phil Thomas is a bum and if GB picks him TT should be shot he’s scared to hit ,tackles like a girl, and slow.. watch Oregon or Boise st read him and weep …you must be his agent

  3. Don’t have a problem with either of the players you have going to New England. Austin is going to be a great slot guy with a lot of versatility and Patton looked fantastic in the Senior Bowl. But I don’t think the Pats will double-up at WR in the first two round. I know they have a history of it, and I know they need help there but I expect Jules to be back and maybe Welker since he’s more valuable in New England than anywhere else, but they do need help elsewhere. They need some depth on both lines, Quessenberry or Barrett Jones, and DB help, maybe Poyer, in the second. But I admit the point is probably moot since they’ll almost certainly trade out of at least one of their picks. Pats whole draft determinant on whether or not they re-sign Welker, Jules, Vollmer, and Talib and if they get Ed Reed. Overall solid.

    • @Tony
      I’m glad you think they would be good fits and that they have a chance of double dipping. I think FA will be big for the Pats from a depth standpoint because they need a LOT in terms of WR depth. If they can’t get a reasonable price then the draft could give them some great options. Also, youth at DE and solidity at CB would be nice.

  4. KC passes on Teo and richardson for a WR. NO WAY! Both position are much bigger needs!

    • @Thomas
      Richardson isn’t a great fit in a 3-4 front though and if Geno is the pick he will need to be as comfortable as possible. The Chiefs have had a very good D but it has won them very few games.

  5. Pats trade 1st round pick to Jaxville for 2-4 this year and 4th next year. If not bill Belichick has an infinity for drafting te’s and loves them. Top te in draft if still available I see Pats drafting him immediately. 3 great tight ends seem to be a matchup nightmare for defenses. Welker is gone Pats will not pay or give multi year to older player. But 3 te’s playing at the sme time is a novel idea along with 2 wide outs. Very interesting..

    • @floridated
      Sure, I could see that. I don’t mock trades though. How about this, the Patriots trade their pick to the Chiefs for the 2/5 so that they could jump over potential QB drafters like Jax or Houston and they take Barkley. Unlikely but everything is possible right now.

  6. Unless you know something I don’t, Ogle tree will go in the first round, maybe not past Cin at #22. It would be a steal for the Texans to get him at #27 much less in the 2nd round. I think the football gods would be shining a big light on Reliant Stadium if they get this athletic freak on day 2.

    • @Daniel
      Off the field issues and spotty play could drop him farther than most think. Keep in mind how easy it was for him to play at the college level. He had Geathers and Jenkins adding up to about 700 lb. in front of him and he was the second best LB on his own team. So he was hardly the focal point of that defense, so I could see him fall out of the top 40 easily.

  7. Don’t see the Bengals drafting 2 LBers in the first two rounds while passing on Lacy or Frederick. S, RB, WR, and C are all bigger needs than LB where they have Thomas Howard coming back at WLB, Burfict moving to MLB, and they only had the SLB on the field for 33% of the snaps in 2012 so it’s not a desperate need for a high pick.

    • @TLL
      I see where you are coming from, but S, RB, and WR are deep both in FA and in the draft so why force a pick early and pass on quality. Also, the center class is VERY bad this year. No guaranteed starters.

  8. Hunt is one of the biggest projects in the draft. No way he gets drafted before the fourth round. Can you say Frankenstein?

    • wrong

      • @Baffled
        Hunt is a 6’8″ monster who flashes brilliance. Granted his on the field inconsistency has been a bit disturbing, but he can come in and start for most teams within the year. Teams that have a lot of picks can take chances, and Harbaugh+Hunt could be deadly

  9. Datone Jones and Okafor are the most technically sound Pass rushers in this draft. Guaranteed first rounders.

    • @Baffled
      Guaranteed? That word means virtually nothing at this point in the year, but I think they are fringe first rounders. Okafor doesn’t have top end speed and Jones was used too many different ways to get a read on him as a pass rusher. But I do really like both.

  10. Love your 1st round pick for the Seahawks as that is exactly what I hope they do. By far the biggest need is a DT that can push the pocket, as for your 2nd rounder, if Carradine is there than the “hawks will grab him up and laugh all day long. If the ‘hawks decide to trade Flynn, than i could see them swapping picks in 2nd round to move and and get Carridine that way.. In the best of worlds, the hawks could grab someone like Brown in 3rd round and a WR in the 4th. My dream scenario.

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