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Lupagus Presents his FINAL 2014 NFL MOCK DRAFT!!!!!!

I think I’ll call this Version – Phyllis | Updated May 6, 2014


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1. Houston Texans – Jadeveon Clowney DE, South Carolina
If the Texans can’t trade out I think they go with Clowney here.  He’s just such a rare specimen that you only see once a decade, and while he isn’t a perfect fit in their defense, pairing him with JJ Watt is just too damn tantalizing for the Texans to pass up.

2. St. Louis Rams – Greg Robinson OT, Auburn
The Rams are another team that could move down but they don’t get the deal they want so they turn the card in.  On that card should have the name of this huge best of a man who is as nimble as a dancer.  He can eventually become the Rams left tackle of the future and Sam Bradford will never get hurt again.

3. Jacksonville Jaguars – Sammy Watkins WR, Clemson
The Jags will obviously be tempted by Manziel and especially pass rusher Khalil Mack.  Wit the recent news of Justin Blackmon being out for all of 2014, receiver has to shoot to the top of the list.  Watkins is absolutely dynamic and gives the Jaguars a bonafide offensive threat that opposing defenses will actually have to worry about.

4. Cleveland Browns – Johnny Manziel QB, Texas A&M
Things just got easier for the Browns with Watkins off the board.  Johnny Football brings much needed excitement and gives this franchise a face.  He is also a playmaker who can make things happen out of absolutely nothing with his improve skills and fancy footwork.

5. Oakland Raiders – Khalil Mack OLB, Buffalo
The Raiders have a ton of needs so they really can take the best player available.  In this case it would be Mack.  The Raiders can stand him up, or line him up with his hand in the dirt, and let his God given natural pass rushing talent lead them to Glory.

6. Atlanta Falcons – Jake Matthews OT, Texas A&M
The Falcons weren’t able to swing a deal for Clowney, and with Mack off the board they decide to protect the franchise.  Matthews is a big, powerful man, with quick feet and a large wingspan.  He will keep Matt Ryan erect much more often in 2014.

7. Tampa Bay Bucs – Mike Evans WR, Texas A&M
The Bucs are more than happy to take Mike Evans here at pick seven.  This gives them two giant options at wide receiver and makes life much easier for McCown/Glennon, especially in the red zone area.

8. Minnesota Vikings – Blake Bortles QB, Central Florida
The Vikings may or may not go with a quarterback here, but unless they trade down, there isn’t really a good value at any other position.  Sure Rick Spielman could be hesitant because of the mistake he made with Christian Ponder, but Bortles is a completely different animal.  He’s got great size, mobility, and more than a strong enough NFL arm.  He is a great fit for what Norv Turner likes to do and with Matt Cassel currently under center there is no hurry to get him on the field.

9. Buffalo Bills – Taylor Lewan OT, Michigan
The Bills want EJ Manuel to succeed so they get him a personal protector here.  Lewan is a big nasty blocker, who will punish his defender until the whistle blows.  He can either play right tackle or take over at left and allow Cordy Glenn to play the right side.  Either way the Bills offensive line would be set for a decade.

10. Detroit Lions – Justin Gilbert CB, Oklahoma St.
With Evans and Lewan off the board, I think the Lions will address their secondary here.  Honestly, I’m not as high on Gilbert as I once was, and think Clinton Dix could actually be the pick here.  But every year I change picks in my final mock that I’ve had for months, and every year I get burnt.  I’m sticking to my guns this year.

11. Tennessee Titans – Aaron Donald DT, Pitt
This pick has me feeling like Natalie Imbruglia…I’m Torn.  I almost gave them Teddy B, but that kept me up at night. A corner like Dennard is a possibility, as is Anthony Barr, but his stock seems to be falling. Donald is the best player on the board.  He can create a ton of inside pressure with his attacking, relentless style, and would be a great addition to this defense.



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  1. YESSIR;I’d love to see the Rams get those 2 guards;it’s something they should have done last year!

    biggie the binder
  2. I don’t think the Bills are ready to quit on the “Hahvad Man”yet, even Tom Brady wouldn’t do well with that bunch,although they do have some talent,just not enough at the skill positions. OL,LB and DB.

    biggie the binder
    • Actually they have a solid OL and running game to build on. They have more pieces in place than they get credit for. And fitz is gone this year.

      • I agree with all you say except Fitz will stay for another year or 2.Let them draft a stud defender in the 1st round and a qualitywideout in the 2nd (if available)and then a reach QB in the 3rd round.Fitz needs more help!

      • Anonymous;you were right in your prediction that Fitz would be gone,and the Bills will continue to wallow in mediocrity by picking up another loser in Kolb. I think this was just for the fans and maybe for the owners sake and that they use their draft pick wisely.

        Tom(A Connecticut Yankee)
  3. Big,bad Chance to the Jets? The fans won’t like it(typical NewYorkers-shallow,crass and foulmouthed) but it makes sense.I hope they do something else!

  4. If there’s one position the Bengals are unlikely to draft in Round 1, it’s DT. They drafted DTs in Rounds 2 and 3 last year, have an AllPro (Geno Atkins) at that position, and solid run stuffers in Peko and Atkins.

  5. I’m tellin’ ya Lups,Geno is a 2nd rate QB;Michael Lombardi says there isn’t a 1st round QB in the draft this year(as do ALL,well mostly all the pundits).They need too many other things that will help make them a better team.Hopefully in the next 2/3 years a QB will emerge that can help reverse the tide of habitual losing. If so,he’ll at least have a decent team to keep them in games til he gets experienced enough to be a factor.

  6. Do the Bills draft a QB in the first round and continue their losing ways or do they get smart and build a decent team for their next field general to at least have a fightin’ chance? I’d like to see them pick up one of those blue chip OL men;what’s your take Mr. Lups?

    Tom from connecticut
  7. As much as I am a Wes Welker fan, I believe this Amendola deal is the best thing for the Patriots.After all, Wes has had 6 seasons to help the Pats win another super bowl and couldn’t do it. That’s because the key is keeping Amendola,Gronk and Herndo healthy ALL YEAR. If all 3 don’t stay healthy it doesn’t matter if they kept Welker or not. In other words,if those 3 don’t go down,the Pats win another super bowl. Any opinions fellas?

    Tom from Connecticut
  8. Very nice draft. Didn’t see anything I thought was just plain ridiculous. I love how you listed each teams draft picks at the end. Brilliant

    Dan The Niner Fan
  9. D. Jordan is the only player that should sway the Jets away from taking one of the top 2 “OG'[s” in this years NFL draft. I doubt he will fall to 9 however so that should not be a problem. It has been so long since the Jets franchise has drafted properly I have little faith in them. I do however like the decisions GM J. Idzik has made to this point and feel he finally starts to address the lack of talent on offense. The Jets have made some very bad decisions in the past 2 years to the point the entire offense is a weakness. It’s hard to gauge a QB when the talent at RB/TE/WR and O-Line all needs upgrades, add celebrity b/u QB T. Tebow and you have a recipe for failure.

  10. I dunno if my Bucs can afford a trade up; they only have 5 selections.

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