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Full 1st Round 2013 NFL Mock Draft

By Matt Falk@matt_falk | Updated April 24th
Below is a look at what would happen if the 2013 NFL Draft were to be held tomorrow. With draftseason in full swing look for Onebar to add additional rounds as we get closer to the best day of the year. Check back on a regular basis as it will continue be be updated on a regular basis.

Onebar’s 2014 NFL Mock Draft

1. Chiefs – Luke Joeckel OT, Texas A&M

This pick has come down to Joeckel or Fisher, Joeckel barley gets the nod as I see him as more polished and more of a sure thing day 1. Even if they opt to keep Albert, this move is almost a given.

2. Jaguars – Dion Jordan LB, Oregon

Just like pick 1, Fisher will be in the mix, but when all is said and done I think the Jags take Jordan, who will add a dynamic pass rush and help win games as a rookie.

3. Raiders – Shariff Floyd DT, Florida

The Raiders have to go defensive line, Floyd would add an instant face to a depleted defensive line. That said don’t be surprised if they look to try and trade out.

4. Eagles – Eric Fisher OT, Central Michigan

Even with the Eagles sniffing around Geno, Philly needs help along the offensive line and Fisher would be a minor steal at pick 4, fills a huge need and they get the b.p.a.

5. Lions – Ezekial Ansah DE, BYU

The Lions could go in a handful of directions at #5, with the loss of both of their defensive ends it will be very tough to pass on the physical freak like Ziggy.

6. Browns – Geno Smith QB, West Virginia

Browns have made their man crush on Geno well known, but do they like him enough to reach at pick 6? Smith would push Weeden as a rookie to start and be more of a long-term solution at QB for the evolving Browns.

7. Cardinals – Lane Johnson OT, Oklahoma

If the Cards could manage to get one of the top 3 offensive lineman without trading up it would be a huge win. Johnson is ranked very close to the other top tackles and could have the most upside out of the group.

8. Bills – Tavon Austin WR, West Virginia

As tempting as it is to put Nassib at 8, I just can’t do it. I think they bolster the receiving corps and hope for someone to fall in round 2. Worst case, they dip into next years thick group of quarterbacks.

9. Jets – Barkevious Mingo LB, LSU

The Jets have a huge need at the pass rush postion and have shown heavy interest in the LSU product. Mingo is a bit raw, but would be a great fit on the Jets defense. Rex would have a field day with someone as talented as Mingo.

10. Titans – Dee Milliner CB, Alabama

Milliner has watched is stock bounce around the past week due to injury concerns, but I can’t see him escaping the top 10. Titans would be getting one of the best overall defenders at pick 10.

11. Chargers – DJ Fluker OT, Alabama

Offensive lineman are flying up the charts and at this point I wouldn’t be surprised to see Fluker go before both of the guards. The Bolts need help up front and Fluker is seen as a long term solution on the right side of any line, and also has the ability to kick inside to guard if needed.

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Your thoughts here
  1. browns have a pretty good mlb in d’quell jackson

  2. i think you hit the nail on the head for the lions, it will depend on who is taken ahead of them but barring that it should be DE or CB whichever way they decide to go. I would expect DE given that avril will want a big payday and vanderbosh is getting up there in years.

  3. I am not so certain the Lions will take either a DE or CB with the first pick. Werner is not quick enough and Damontre Moore is undersized, consequently will be RUN AT in the NFL.

    As a result, I would pick Chance Warmack, G, from Alabama, and go all defense from round two through round seven.

  4. Dear Mr. Onebar; i strongly disagree.The Bills waste a high draft pick on another 2nd rate QB? Anything but that.A pick like that will continue to keep them in the cellar..

  5. Luke is no fluke!.Now yer talkin’ Matt! i love a foundation player like Luke and yes,there will be several reach QB’s later.Hopefully one of those primo SEC guards will be available for their 2nd rounder-if so and they jump on him I think you’ll see a marked improvement in Cassel’s performance.Your thoughts on this please.

  6. “The Eagles have a handful of needs but none greater than offensive line.”

    WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! That is a moronic statement, I’m sorry to have to say it.

    The O-Line sucked last year, sure. But have you looked at the injuries they had? The best LT in Football didn’t play a single down. Jason Kelce/Todd Herremans were both lost for the season (Kelce VERY early on). The only opening day starter that finished the season without injury was Evan Mathis who graded out as the best G in football by PFF.

    They’ll get Peters/Herremans/Kelce back next season and will still have Mathis. I can support drafting Joeckel because they could stick him at RT and allow Herremans to move back inside to his natural RG spot but to say the Eagles have no bigger need than OLine is awful.

    They are transitioning to a 3-4 defense. They currently have no NT on the roster. They have a gigantic ? at rush linebackers. Kendricks/Ryans will be fine but who else? Graham? Maybe. Curry? Probably. Cole? No.

    Not to mention that HORRID secondary. Nnamdi should be gone, DRC is a free agent. They need two new safeties since they all suck. They need a secondary overhaul.

    To me, there is no greater need on that team than EVERYTHING secondary. The only person in that secondary unit that should be back next year is Brandon Boykin.

  7. The Lions will not waste a second round pick on an OG when they have Phillip Thomas a potential impact safety still on the board. In the first round it will be the best DE or OT that is available. Fisher is a stud I can see them looking at him. In the third round look for a very fast back or OLB. They have made it clear they are looking for defensive game changers not OG, even with the departure of Petermen.

    • If the Lions are gonna draft a G in the first two rounds it will be Warmack in the first. The only true options at 5 are Milliner, Warmack and Fisher. And a Top safety in the second. DE can wait until the third since they are all mostly the same.

  8. I just don’t think Geno is a 1st round talent-but Jarvis Jones is and since the Bills have a huge need at LB that’s who they pick.

    • I was on the fence, but I think someone pulls the trigger earlier than expected on Smith … Bills will have to seriously consider and might be to tempting to let him pass.

      • just because a qb isnt 1rst round caliber the pressure is so high for a team to get that franchise qb its hard for them to wait until 2nd or 3rd round

  9. Other than a quality QB,what do the Browns need to be relevant in the AFC central?

    Tom(A Connecticut Yankee)
  10. Could not disagree more with your mock draft of the Lions. Firs off Pugh was a better player for the Cuse inside not outside and maybe a RT. The Lions will not take a risk with Ansah no matter his athletic ability. The Lions will take one of the top three LT’s when they pick at 5 and they will take the best DE in the second round hopefully Carridine from FSU. Wheaton as a WR in the third, here is the mock for the lions as I see it play out. Fills needs and places talented players replacing less talented players.
    1. Johnson-OT-OU
    2. Carridine-DE-FSU
    3. Wheaton-Oregon State or Goodwin Texas WR
    4 Comp-.Jelani Jenkins- OLB-Florida
    5. Quanterus Smith-Western Kentucky
    6. Caleb Sturgis-K-Florida
    7.Nick Kasa-TE-Colorado
    7 Comp- Quinn Sharp-P-Oklahoma State

    • Johnson is considered by many scouts to be overrated. He’s a big step down from Joeckel and Fisher. If those two are gone and Ziggy is available, I’d be surprised if he wasn’t sitting at the top of Detroit’s board … and they take the best player available. The Lions staff coached him at the Senior Bowl and know his talent, plus with Ronnell Lewis getting into trouble, an already thin DE group might get thinner. If Ziggy, Joeckel and Fisher are gone by the fifth pick, they will try to trade down.

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