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23. Vikings – Manti Te’o LB, Notre Dame

If Te’o is available at #23 it would be very tough for the Vikes to pass. Middle linebacker is one of their greatest needs and Minnesota loves their N.D. players, Te’o has been very a hot name around the Vikings.

24. Colts – Xavier Rhodes CB, Florida St.

Rhodes is a big physical corner that would be a great fit opposite Vontae Davis. Rhodes aggressive play would work well in the AFC South against big receivers like Johnson, Blackmon, and Britt.

25. Vikings (From Seahawks) – Sylvester Williams DT, North Carolina

I think the Vikes can wait til round 2 and still get a starting caliber WR. Minnesota needs to start re-tooling along the defensive line. Pretty much the entire line will be free agents after the 2013 season. Williams is a raw big man with a high ceiling.

26. Packers – Menelik Watson OT, Florida St.

Green Bay has some serious questions on the offensive line with Sherrod coming back from and injury and Newhouse’s up and down play. Watson is very raw but with some coaching be a franchise type tackle in the NFL, with very little experience he is already lumped into the conversation as one of the best tackles in the draft.

27. Texans – Coradelle Patterson WR, Tennessee

Houston has needed a #2 for years to point where Andre Johnson is actually pleading for them to draft one this year. Patterson is a homerun type of receiver that can offer the big play ability and also be a dynamic player on the return game.

28. Broncos – DJ Hayden CB, Houston

As hard as it is for Bronco fans to hear, Champ Bailey is on the tail end of his career. Hayden would be a notch above the other corners on the roster and he could get a year or two to play with one of the all-time greats.

29. Patriots – Robert Woods WR, USC

New England will have their eyes peeled for a receiver that can play immediately as a rookie. Woods has been one of the best in college football the past few years. Very complete receiver who could contribute as a rookie.

30. Falcons – Jamar Taylor CB, Boise St.

I see the Falcons going either corner or defensive end in round 1. Taylor would step in and fill a huge void left by Grimes/Robinson this offseason. Will be a tough call, as this scenario has Jones and Margus Hunt still on the board, but I see corner as a more immediate need for 2013.

31. 49ers – Datone Jones DE, UCLA

The 49ers defensive line needs a shot of youth, Justin Smith will be 34 this year and could be calling it quits very soon. Jones has a big, athletic frame and can play all along the entire defensive line, very underrated player.

32. Ravens – Eric Reid S, LSU

Reid is one of the more underrated players in the draft. I think he’ll come off earlier than teams expect, he would be a great fit on the Ravens defense. Even with newcomer Michael Huff in the mix, safety is still a good sized need.

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  1. Sir;I respectfully must wholeheartedly and unequivocally disagree with your analysis because BB (genius that he is)doesn’t know how to draft a wide reciever.It is one of his few faults. My guess is that since we seem to be a bit thin in the middle of the OL he’ll go that way.

    biggie the binder
  2. 49ers need DT if UFAs are not resigned and Williams is a great addition. However, they will most likely sign Soapoga and would rather draft more De–>OLB hybred but I see you have Jordan/Mingo/Okafor all gone before they pick. They also will need to address the lack of a 3-4 DE in the 6’5″ 280 range with 4.8 speed…so Ezekiel Ansah/Margus Hunt option is very interesting and appealing. Also, need to get another Big WR as Moss is too old and Manningham and Williams are injured pretty bad. So I would like a WR.

  3. The Seahawks would leap at Jake Matthews, the BEST Right Tackle in the Draft!

  4. Austin would be a good pick for the Patriots, but remember they also have J.Demps on the roster for next year…

  5. How about pats trading first round pick for a 2nd and 4th and a 4th next year and signing SEYMOUR from raiders for a quick fix to the pas rush. Get taller at corned back and safety cChung just does not do it for me. Gets caught alot looking into back field and not in correct coverage. I am not a big fan of McCourty until he was moves to safety he is going to be a stud. Oline is also a necessity Brady is not getting any younger he got spanked a few times by JJ Watt in playoff game..Protect Brady his window is closing soon…….

    • When you mention the OL I totally agree.If at #32 a quality interior lineman is available I say grab him.If not I’d like to see them trade #32 for a first rounder next year.That’s how they got Mayo if you

  6. I love it when they’re (the Pats) picked 32nd in the draft! I gotta say that freak Kaepernick scares me more than anybody else.

  7. Great mock, one of the best I’ve seen. Only 2 I disagree with are Ansah and Floyd are way too low. No way Dallas passes on either of them to take Montgomery, they need a strong side DE and he’s too small but Ansah would be perfect. Floyd would fit great also now that they’re switching to a 4-3. If Ansah gets taken before and Richardson falls he’d be a great pick for them too.

  8. After watching the superbowl I have come to a conclusion that speed kills. Look what Jones did to a much heralded SF defense and special teams play. Patriots have no speed at all any where on the team except for Slayton. WR’s couldn’t sneak into texas. Game was a real eye opener to me on just how far behind on both side of the ball the Patriots really are. Baltimoe hit Kaepernick every chance they got and I think that was in the back of his mind. The only down side of this great game was the lights off. I suppose that the governemnt was in charge of the lighting…ha,ha.

  9. Sorry but there’s NO WAY Ted Thompson drafts a TE in the 1st round. Very uninformed pick, you clearly don’t understand Thompsons’ philosophy. Their biggest need is a tall DE, and OT. He’ll take a RB , Safety & WR from the 2nd to the 4th, a DT and either or both ILB & OLB. IF he drafts a tight end it won’t be until the 6th or 7th. Thompsons’ drafting record in the 1st round in Green Bay =OT, DT, OLB, ILB, QB. If he takes a TE, WR or RB in the 1st I’LL EAT YOUR SHOES!!

    • You’ll eat my shoes? People still say that? I agree on your needs, but Eifert is huge value #26, fills a need and also B.P.A. Defensive line is thick and can still get 1st round talent in the 2nd round, also no offensive tackle on the board was worth the 26th.

      • Matt;I never heard of “eat my shoes-in the northeast we say “eat mr shorts” which is much grosser don’t you think? With no obvious move at #26 I like to think the Pack will trade it for a better pick next year.

  10. Lacy is not worth a 1st round pick. Was this written a while ago? Because his stock is definite not going up after his horrible “pro day”. I would be extremely upset as a Packer fan if we took Lacy in round 1. I don’t want any RB in round 1 any year, but especially this one. RB’s are just not worth 1st round picks anymore. We may not have one, but that doesn’t mean we should reach in round 1 for one.

    Also on the subject of Cooper/Warmack. I am a nobody but I’ve also maintained Cooper is by far the superior prospect to Warmack…and its not close. He is more athletic, has MUCH better feet/mobility and pass blocking and is every bit the mauler. Cooper was also a team captain and an all academic ACC student…this kid has no flaws. If he wasn’t a guard he would be a top 3 pick.

    I once held the belief GB could grab Cooper because no one else seemed to see what I saw. Unfortunately those days are over.

    • Also to the poster below…Tyler Eifert would be a great pick. Jermichael is overpaid and mediocre. He’ll be gone by next year unless he magically turns into superman. Even if he does, it means we can let him go and save ourselves money, or maybe keep them both and have the ability to run 2 tight end sets like New England does when Gronk and Hernandez are both healthy.

      Datone Jones is a good option at DE in round 1, but the DL pool is pretty deep this year.

      And there is no LT worth taking that will be available @26. Lane Johnson, Fisher and Joeckel will probably all be top 10 picks. Maybe even all top 5.

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