Updated April 15th | The Ultimate Mock Draft allows all 3 of the DraftSeason gurus to knock heads and bust out a full mock draft. The DraftSeason crew alternates picks, it usually involves plenty of sniping and even a few reaches. Check back as we update this on a monthly basis.

1. Kansas City (Lupagus) – Eric Fisher OT, Central Michigan
The Chiefs are going offensive tackle here but the question is which one will it be. I was almost going to lock in Joeckel here but it wouldn’t be shocking to see Fisher go one overall as he is considered to be the more athletic of the two.

2. Jacksonville (Lomas) – Geno Smith QB, WVU
The Jags can’t keep Blaine Gabbert as their starting QB and expect anything better than an average season.Geno is talented and is the most likely candidate to become a franchise QB in this draft.

3. Oakland (Onebar) – Sharrif Floyd DT, Florida
The Raiders are in desperate need of an interior presence on their defensive line. Floyd could end up being one of the best long term players in this entire draft class.

4. Philadelphia (Lupagus) – Star Lotulelei DT, Utah
Star’s ticker is just fine so the Eagles take this dominating player to either line up at nose in their 3-4 or maybe play a little defensive end as well.

5. Detroit (Lomas) -Luke Joeckel OT, TAMU
Joeckel is one of the best two OTs in this draft and he is easily the safest of the two. The Lions get a blindside protector for the next 10 years.

6. Cleveland (Onebar) – Dee Milliner CB, Alabama
Tough decision between Miller and Jordan at pick 6. But I don’t think the Browns could pass up the chance of adding Milliner to pair up with up and comer Joe Haden.

7. Arizona (Lupagus) – Lane Johnson OT, Oklahoma
This pick is a lock. The Cardinals are rolling with Carson Palmer and have to keep him upright. The only worry is that a team like the Dolphins or Chargers could jump in front of them here and snipe their man.

8. Buffalo (Lomas) – Cordarrelle Patterson WR, Tennessee
The best WR in this year’s class, Patterson combines the explosiveness of the Tavon Austin with the size of Julio Jones. Patterson may be raw, but he has so much upside and he can immediately upgrade the special teams and deep passing game.

9. NY Jets (Onebar) – Dion Jordan LB, Oregon
Jets end up getting a steal with Jordan sliding to pick 9. New York is in desperate need of an outside pass rush, Jordan is top 5 talent that would even make Jets fans cheer on draft day.

10. Tennessee (Lupagus) – Jonathan Cooper G, UNC
The Titans landed Levitre in free agency but could still use another guard to play with him. Cooper moves a little better than Warmack and can also play center if needed, and that gives him the slightest edge here.

11. San Diego (Lomas) – Chance Warmack G, Alabama
Warmack is the best guard to come out in a decade, but his lack of proven versatility will likely make him the second interior offensive lineman off the board. Having to completely start from scratch on the OL can kill a team short-term, but building around Warmack is a very good way to start that process.

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  1. how far does teo drop? I say 5th round, if at all.I mean who wants a psycho on their team?

  2. I hope the Jets DO take Barkley as it will ensure their continued descent into mediocrity like so much jetsam(pun intended)

  3. WAIT. Smith not worth the first pick in the draft, even though it’s their biggest need. NO, he will go to a team with the second pick who already has a QB. Did you even look at the teams needs?

    • Thomaston;That’s like saying that you’ll marry any old toothless homeless skag because you’re lonely!It’s the same damn thing-you’re drafting/marrying for need-not quality.

    • Thomas;Yes I did look at the Chiefs needs and they are many on O and on D.As I said, any top 15 college player(there are NO QB’S in the top 15 players) will make them a better team.A 2nd rate QB like Smith will only ensure another very high pick in 2014.

  4. You’re missing the point.QB isn’t their only need and Geno is NOT a franchise player.They are not a good team and need to fill many holes.Look at what Cassel did with the Pats(11-5 off the bench).He needs more help.

  5. You’re missing the point.QB isn’t their only need and Geno is NOT a franchise player.They are not a good team and need to fill many holes.Look at what Cassel did with the Pats(11-5 off the bench).He needs more help.Yes,I’ve said that but some of these numbslulls are not getting th point!

  6. they all seem to want a quick fix but it won’t happen with a 2nd rate QB

  7. Andy Reid will NOT draft a QB in the 1st round,GUARANTEED! He’s a good coach with a fine mind and I’m sure he realizes that the Chiefs are at least 2 years from even coming close to 8-8.

  8. Luke Joeckel will be rtheir pick f/b a wideout or tight end in the 2nd round I predict

  9. “…if the Lions can improve Werners motor the sky’s the limit.”

    You don’t draft “if’s” in the top 5 unless it’s a QB. Milliner will be the Lions pick if PHI passes. If not then it will be Warmack. Surprise! Lions go strictly BPA everytime. And the Werner project isn’t it in your scenario. All their running issues tie directly to the lack of quality interior linemen. Only Milliner can keep them from passing on the best OG prospect in 3 decades.

  10. Danny Amendola for Wes Welker? YES-IN A NEW YORK MINUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A great happenstance for the Pats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Tom from Connecticut
    • I agree w/Tom because Wes had 6 years to help win a superbowl and would have won at least 2 IF GRONK STAYED HEALTHY. I think Danny WILL BE ANOTHER Wes with Brady throwing to him plus him being 6 years younger and a healthy Gronk will mean at least another super win.

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