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justin-hunter23. Minnesota (Lomas) – Bjoern Werner DE, FSU
A great player is going to drop to the Vikings because of how deep this 20-60 range is, and Werner is a great player. BW could either supplement Jared Allen or give the Vikings the option of trading him away to a contender. Both sides win, a team like Denver or the Giants get a dominant end and the Vikings get younger and retake some cap room.

24. Indianapolis (Onebar) – Desmond Trufant CB, Washington
Colts will be in the hunt for a young corner to add to the mix. Trufant has solid cover skills and could be a fall back plan if Vontae leaves next year via free agency.

25. Minnesota (from Seattle) (Lupagus) – Justin Hunter WR, Tennessee
The Vikes will have a tough decision to make if the draft falls this way. Hopkins and Hunter are pretty much neck and neck, but the Vikings like the size and overall speed and playmaking ability of Hunter so they go that way. Manti Te’o would also be very hard for Rick Spielman to pass up here.

26. Green Bay (Lomas) – Damontre Moore DE/OLB TAMU
The Packers need a cheap, effective pass rusher opposite a soon-to-be expensive Clay Mathews and Moore is all of that and well…more (sorry). “Damonster” has caught a lot of flak since the combine but his tape still makes me think he is a true first round player and the Packers get value and need here.

27. Houston (Onebar) – DeAndre Hopkins WR, Clemson
If one of the top receivers are still on the board at pick 27 the Texans will most likely bite the bullet. They have needed a number 2 for Andre Johnson for years and with this years WR crop this could actually be the year they get their man.

28. Denver (Lupagus) – Margus Hunt DE, SMU
The Broncos are in need of a pass rusher after losing Elvis Dumervil to a fax faux pas. Marugs is raw as some Lupagus chicken, but in time he should develop into a pass rushing nightmare.

29. New England (Lomas) – Johnathan Hankins DT, OSU
Adding more mobile beef in the middle is exactly what the Patriots should be doing if they aren’t going to add a WR here. Wilfork can teach Hankins the ropes and hopefully make him more consistent.

30. Atlanta (Onebar) – Tyler Eifert TE, Notre Dame
Even with Gonzalez back for one final year the Falcons need to prepare for the future. Eifert is too good of value to pass on. Eifert will get a year under his belt playing behind one of the all-time greats.

31. San Francisco (Lupagus) – Datone Jones DE, UCLA
The 9ers have to find someone to play opposite and eventually take over for the aging great Justin Smith. Jones is a prototypical 5 technique who will be strong vs. the run but also provide some pressure too.

32. Baltimore (Lomas) – Manti Te’o LB, Notre Dame
McClain is not a safe long-term answer at MLB, but Te’o is. Alabama game aside Te’o had a great year and how often do you have to face a dominant guard like Chance Warmack.

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  1. I am a die hard chiefs fan. I think that they should trade the #1 pick, drop down later in the top 10 and pick up either Tyler Wilson ( who I want them to take) or Tyler Bray. KC could trade down 6 or 7 spots and still get their QB, plus pick up a couple more picks.

    • Well tim the problem is no one will give fair value for the pick because their are no marque player to be had. Geno Smith is rated the best of a very weak group, and after Tyler Wilson poor season and senior bowl he should not even be considered.

  2. Pats WON”T take a WR with the 1st round pick. They will revert back to BB’s m.o. and trade down for extra picks……………………You can take it to the bank! They lack lower round picks.

    • You may be right but I have learned NEVER to guess what BB will do at draft time because I would be wrong-but it’s exciting to ruminate over the possibilities!

  3. I also see Pats trading 1st round pick to a team that wants that qb for thier team. Also do not rule out bill b drafting another te. Bill B gets a woody watching his te’s he has a thing for them according to him te’s are the best athletes on te field…quick fix for Pats problems sign fa Richard Seymour and Ed Reed instantly their defense is 100 times better biggest need is a defensive qb to keep the young dbacks in line and bark out the coverages. Pats way players on their downside but a ton of experience they become roll players, not eveydown players..

  4. The Packers’ gm hates guys with character issues! They have been burned too many times by those type of guys. Ogletree has way too much baggage for GB to even consider him. They can get a very good Safety, 3/4DE, or O-lineman at 26.

  5. The Packers don’t like Moore because he is way to small to play a 3/4 DE and way too slow (4.90-5.02) to play OLB. He doesn’t fit a 3/4 scheme and the Packers will definately pass on him in favor of a safety or 3/4 DE.

    • To all Packer fans;This might be the right year to forego a late 1st rond pick and trade it for a better pick next year,kinda like what Bill Belichick does on occasion.

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